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Testimonials to the Work of The Dubin Law Group

2.3 Million Settlement- DUI Driver Injury

This is the story of John Church and his family. John suffered multiple catastrophic injuries when an intoxicated driver crossed the center line and collided with John’s car head-on. John spent 8 days in the hospital, 6 weeks in a rehab facility, and 31 months unable to work.

John and his wife Candice initially thought they could handle the claim on their own, but they quickly realized the insurance company would not pay without a serious threat of litigation. Fortunately, John found the Dubin Law Group. We joined forces with Karen Koehler and together we prepared to take the case to trial.

As the case developed, it became clear that it was the other driver’s fault, but it took several years of work to get the insurance company to pay its limits. Ultimately we were able to recover $2.3 million from the intoxicated driver’s insurance and an additional $500,000 from the Church’s own insurance for a total recovery of $2.8 million.

John has made a good recovery from his injuries, and he has been able to return to work, but he will always suffer from the consequences of the injuries he needlessly suffered as a result of the other driver’s indifference and recklessness. The money we were able to recover for John will hopefully allow him to get the care he needs and to move forward with his life.

money will allow him to move forward with his life. We are proud to have represented Brett, and we’re even more proud to call him a friend.


Truck Driver Injury

Brett Sherrod – Matt’s team is incredible

Brett Sherrod suffered a broken back when an 18-wheeler hauling frozen French fries lost control and crossed the center line, hitting him head-on. Even after surgery, Brett was never able to return to the level of activity he enjoyed before the crash.

Not only did the insurance company for the semi refuse to pay Brett for his injuries, they treated him like a criminal, spying on him and his family, and accusing him of exaggerating his injuries.

Brett called us from his hospital bed, and we were there with him within hours. We took on the insurance company and let them know we were prepared to go to trial if they didn’t hand over their $1 million policy limits. With the coordinated efforts of our team, including co-counsel Karen Koehler and her amazing staff, we assembled a team of expert witnesses and got to within a month of trial before the insurance company finally relented and agreed to pay its limits.

Brett will always have residual pain, numbness, and functional limitations, not to mention the emotional trauma of going through this experience., but the money will allow him to move forward with his life. We are proud to have represented Brett, and we’re even more proud to call him a friend.


Jennifer Bragg – They treated us like we mattered

Jennifer Bragg and her husband Jacob sustained severe spinal injuries in a bus accident. Although they live in Washington, while vacationing in Las Vegas a shuttle bus they were riding in was struck at high speed by a car. Complicating matters, the driver of the car was from California and the shuttle bus was covered by a Nevada policy. Even though there was a million dollars of coverage, the insurance companies were giving them the runaround.

Before too long, Jennifer and Jacob decided to hire a local Seattle personal injury law firm to help them with their claim. Fortunately for them, they found the Dubin Law Group. We made the insurance company accept responsibility, but they still tried to get out of paying, arguing the injuries and multiple surgeries were all a result of prior conditions.

It took almost three years of fighting and preparing for trial, but finally, the insurance company relented and paid its full $1 million limits. Jennifer and Jacob are still recovering from their injuries, but the money they recovered will enable Jennifer to open her own salon and begin teaching other stylists as well. It has been a great privilege getting to know and work with Jennifer and Jacob, and we’re glad we are able to get them some justice.

$3m construction site injury

Darren Kady – They were almost like family to me

Darren Kady was severely injured on the job because someone was careless and left an open hole on a mezzanine 10 feet above a concrete floor. Even though the fault was clear, none of the companies involved was willing to accept responsibility, and even once we persuaded them to accept fault they denied Darren’s life-altering injuries. They even sent private investigators to spy on Darren and his family.

Fortunately, Darren and his wife Tammy found the Dubin Law Group. We shielded the Kadys from the worst of the insurance company nonsense and assembled a team of lawyers and experts to prove Darren’s case and get him a fair recovery.

Finally, after three years, and less than a month before trial, the insurance company, realizing it was going to lose, agreed to pay $3 million to Darren and Tammy.

Money can’t undo the harm that the Kady’s suffered, but at least they have some financial security for Darren’s future care. It has been my great honor to get to know this lovely family, and to help them get some #justice.


$3.75m pedestrian

Ginny Mayer – It was an immediate relief

Ginny Mayer was a college professor whose life was turned upside down when she was crushed between two cars in Edmonds, Washington. With hard work, perseverance, and top-notch medical care Ginny continues to make an excellent recovery, and with the help of attorney Matt Dubin and the Dubin Law Group, Ginny knows she will have the financial security to insure she has quality care for the rest of her life.

They eliminated my concerns

Edwin Brazil:

In November, 2010 Edwin Brazil was injured when the car he was riding in a passenger was rear-ended on I-5 in Seattle. Unfortunately, there were two vehicles behind his and each blamed the other for causing the collision. Edwin didn’t know what to do.

Ultimately, he hired us at the Dubin Law Group. Even though Edwin was clearly fault-free, we were unable to resolve the liability dispute and were forced to file a lawsuit against both following drivers. The case went all the way to arbitration where we were able to prove that Edwin’s treatment was reasonable and accident-related and obtain an award against one of the following drivers.

Took Care of everything

Eric Yi:

In April and August 2011, Eric Yi was involved in consecutive auto accidents. The case was complicated by the nature of the injuries, and each of the insurance companies was blaming the other for Eric’s condition, Eric didn’t know what to do. He was struggling in school and felt like it was a hopeless situation. That’s when he found the Dubin Law Group. We took care of everything, ultimately getting him a great recovery from BOTH insurance companies.

I Couldn’t Ask for More

Benjamin Crocker:

In March 2012, Benjamin Crocker was driving his car on Highway 167 near Renton, when he was rear-ended by another vehicle at high speed. When the other driver’s insurance started giving him the runaround, Ben knew he couldn’t handle the claim on his own. He found the Dubin Law Group, and we took care of everything, from making sure his bills were paid, to negotiating a great settlement with the insurance company.

We are committed to providing compassionate service combined with aggressive representation. Ben was so happy with our service that when his wife was injured a few months later, he had no hesitation sending her to our offices. We got her a great recovery too!

Like A Family Situation

Ann Gabu:

Ann Gabu and her young daughter were rear-ended at a traffic light in December 2012. Both sustained injuries that required medical treatment. To make matters worse, despite the clear facts of the collision, American Family Insurance questioned the cause of their injuries and their medical treatment.

After hiring the Dubin Law Group, Ann was freed from the concerns of dealing with the insurance company. We took care of everything, freeing Ann and her daughter to focus on getting better and returning their lives to normal.

Most gratifying to us is that Ann says her experience with us was just like a family situation. We strive to treat every injured client as we would treat a family member and to hear a client share that this was their experience reinforces our belief that we’re doing something right.

They Were Really Reliable

Mia Rebne-Morgan:

Client Mia Rebne-Morgan was walking across the street on her way to school in November, 2012, when she was suddenly hit by a car. Her chiropractor knew of the work we do, and suggested that she discuss her situation with us before talking to the insurance company. It’s a good thing she did!

Allstate tried to blame the accident on Mia, and claimed that her treatment was excessive and unreasonable. They also argued that her pain and suffering had no value because she is young and made a good recovery.

We were able to show Allstate that we mean business and that we took Mia’s claim very seriously. Ultimately, instead of risking a trial that they knew they would lose, Allstate agree to settle Mia’s claim for all of her medical bills as well as a fair amount for her pain and suffering.

They Really Cared

Irvin Blacktongue completely ruptured his patellar tendon when he stepped off a King County METRO bus into a hole in the ground. Following his injury, Irvin was unable to stand or walk. Shortly after the incident his tendon was reattached in surgery at Harborview Medical Center.

Although Irvin was fearful about making a claim, we explained to him that the process was simple, and that we would do all of the work. All he had to do was go to his medical appointments and get better.

At the conclusion of the case we were able to negotiate a very good settlement with King County and Irvin has made a great recovery from his injury. Also, following the settlement Irvin’s grandchildren had a very nice Christmas.

He Definitely Had Our Backs

Eric Weeks was driving his pickup truck with his mother, who was visiting from California, when he was hit by another vehicle. As a result of the collision he aggravated an old knee injury and suffered a serious disc injury in his lower back. At the time of the incident Eric was working as an electrician and his wife Kearsten was on disability. Together they care for three young boys. Following the accident Eric experienced debilitating pain. He was unable to even get out of bed, let alone perform his job duties.

I went to their house to meet them, and I knew they had a claim that was worth fighting for. We made sure their bills were sent to the correct insurer and they that were properly processed. When the time was right, after a long recovery process which included knee surgery and spinal injections, we were able to negotiate a settlement with the other driver’s insurance as well as with Eric’s own underinsured motorist coverage.

We also got a recovery for Eric’s mom in California, who was less severely injured in the accident.

Lawyer With Heart And Backbone

David Alexanderson:

David Alexanderson was a man in his mid-20s who was rear-ended and suffered a herniated disc in his low back. He was experiencing debilitating pain radiating down his leg, and he was unable to work. What complicated David’s situation was that the diagnostic testing for his spinal injury disclosed that he was suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease, a curable, but very invasive form of cancer. He was forced to postpone the treatment for his spinal injury while he treated his cancer.

The insurance company refused to pay for future treatment of the spinal injury, even though all of David’s physicians agreed that the treatment was necessary. We put together detailed documentation of all of David’s injuries, as well as the need for future treatment, and engaged in serious negotiations with the insurance company. Ultimately, David got good news on both fronts: his tumors had completely disappeared, and we got him a great recovery from the insurance company.

David Alexanderson

“Lawyer with heart and backbone: I first met Matt it was just him and Becca and they had their hands full So at first i was early should i have gone with one of those real big attorneys? Are they gonna have time for me? Can they get me what i deserve? Well it would only be suiting that i would have chosen the best lawyer around they have made feel as comfortable as possible. They call you back quickly and help with everything they can and DON’T LEAVE YOU HANGING TO FACE THE INSURANCE COMPANY ALONE NO MATTER WHAT!!! Now that my fiance is dealing with an accident and Matt is representing her we have found out how important it is to have a lawyer with heart. So don’t go with those bozos who are all over the buses or any other lawyer just Matt and Becca. WE love you guys, David and Marissa”

Matt Dubin Believed In Me

Barbie Svenson:

Barbie Svenson was vacationing in Las Vegas and was driving a rental car when she was rear-ended by a California driver. Fortunately, she had purchased full insurance coverage with the rental car, including underinsured motorist coverage. The impact threw her body forward and wrenched her wrists on the steering wheel, resulting in torn cartilage in her wrist. She ultimately required surgery in Seattle to restore function to her wrist and hand. When the insurance company started to give her a hard time she called us.

We quickly negotiated a settlement with the other driver’s insurance, but this did not even come close to compensating her for her injuries. We then went after the underinsured motorist (UM) coverage through the rental company. Despite the clear evidence regarding the cause and extent of Barbie’s injuries, the insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer. Ultimately, we were forced to go to Vegas for arbitration pursuant to the terms of the policy. Although we were clearly the visiting team, and the arbitrator knew the insurance attorney we won the arbitration and were awarded the policy limits.

Barbie Svenson

“Matt Dubin Believed in Me: I am from Alaska and was in an auto accident a few years back in Las Vegas, Nevada in a rental car. First advice, take out the insurance they offer it does pay off in the end. Second piece of advice, choose Matt Dubin to represent you. He will do everything to make sure you get the settlement you deserve. I was injured in the accident and he believed in me and knew I had a good solid case He has always been fair and upfront with me. Thanks Matt.” – Barbie Svenson”

Kept Fighting For What Was Fair To Me (and got it)

June Smith:

June Smith was driving in Renton when another driver suddenly made a left turn across her path, attempting to turn into a McDonalds parking lot. June slammed on her brakes, but was unable to avoid hitting the other vehicle. The impact resulted in multiple fractures of her right foot and required surgical repair. As a result of the injury and surgery, June was completely non-weight bearing for several weeks, and was unable to work.

The insurance company claimed that the collision was June’s fault and refused to make any offer at all. After contacting our office, we made sure her bills were properly paid by insurance and commenced negotiations. When it became clear we would not be able to settle the case, we filed a lawsuit and began litigation against the other driver.

In the end, we got a great result for June. She is now back on her feet and doing great.

June Smith

“Matt Dubin is a pleasure to work with: Matt Dubin handled an auto accident case for me from 2009 until 2011. He was wonderful. He always kept me in the loop with what was going on in my case, but did all the work himself. I didn’t have to do anything except show up when I had appointments with him. I had no worries about my case at all after I put it in his hands. Matt is honest, trustworthy, skilled, personable and fights for what is fair. He refused to take a lower offer than what was fair in my case and kept fighting for what was fair to me (and got it). We didn’t even have to take it to court. I would recommend The Dubin Law Group to anyone.” – June Smith

Just The Kind Of Attorney We Needed

Frederick Nelson:

Rick Nelson was rear-ended twice within a 2 month period. Neither collision was particularly major, but the combination of the two impacts with a pre-existing chronic health condition resulted in profound pain and disability. None of the insurance companies involved acknowledged the seriousness of Rick’s injuries, so he came to us.

We worked with his personal injury protection (PIP) coverage and his health insurance to make sure his bills were paid and ultimately were forced to file a lawsuit against the two drivers involved. Even at the arbitration, the two lawyers for the insurance companies argued that the accidents were minor and that Rick should not be compensated for his injuries. The arbitrator did not agree. Based on the expert testimony we submitted, the arbitrator clearly understood the nature of Rick’s injuries and awarded him the maximum allowed.

Frederick Nelson

“Our Thanks to Matt Dubin: It is a pleasure to write a recommendation for our wonderful attorney, Matthew Dubin. Matt is an extremely talented and knowledgeable attorney. I am compelled to say that I have never met an attorney who is as insightful and as astute as he. He has a natural ability to read people and anticipate their motives and actions. His understanding of the law is nothing short of phenomenal. We have known Matt Dubin well over ten years. He has helped us with three personal injury cases – none of which was our fault – and Matt won them all. He is just the kind of attorney we needed. He is compassionate and kind. He listens to what we have to say and understands us. He has guided us through some prickly issues with respect and understanding. He is a person of integrity, and he has never pulled any punches with us. He is always straight to the point. To see Matt in action against opposing parties is amazing to watch. He has astonished us with his ability to go after opposing counsel and see them become flustered and shaken. He is brilliant. Matt is very modest about touting his amazing abilities as an attorney. I will do it for him – any time.” – CJS Nelson

They Are Easy To Get A Hold Of And Easy To Talk To

Lindi Mondavi:

Lindi was minding her own business, walking along the sidewalk in a Seattle neighborhood, when she stepped into an open hole that had been left exposed by some Seattle City Light workers. She fell, spraining her foot and injuring her low back. The City refused to cover her medical bills so she contacted us. We made sure she got the treatment she needed, and carefully documented the accident scene before the City could change it.

Our careful preparation of the claim, including reports from Lindi’s doctors, photographs of the accident scene and expert testimony prompted to City of Seattle to make a very fair offer, and we were able to get Lindi a great recovery without filing a lawsuit. Sometimes the best outcomes are when we DON’T have to sue.

Lindi Mondavi

“Great Lawyer: I highly recommend Matt Dubin for his exceptional expertise and professionalism. I am very impressed with his explanation of the law and his advice on how to handle my situation. I’ve really enjoyed working with Matt and his staff, they are easy to get a hold of and easy to talk too. They work quickly, efficiently and courteously. I will definitely recommend his firm to anyone looking for a good lawyer.” – Lindi Mondavi

Professional and Reliable

Eliane Follaca:

We represented Eliane Follaca in a car accident case, and then 2 years later in a truck accident case. In both cases, she suffered herniated discs in her neck, which required surgery. We got her a great recovery for the first accident and she was doing great when she was rear-ended at high speed by a Canadian truck. This time she immediately called our office. Eliane is only one of many of our return clients. Once a person has worked with us, they are likely to call us again if they ever need a lawyer because we genuinely care about our clients and work hard to maintain these relationships. We return calls promptly and work to empower our clients to make the decisions that are right for them.

We worked with Eliane’s auto and health insurance, as well as the Canadian insurance to make sure all of Eliane’s bills were paid. After her cervical fusion surgery and recovery, we were able to negotiate an excellent settlement for Eliane. Although she will always have some degree of impairment from her injuries, the work we did made it possible for Eliane to put this incident behind her and get on with her life.

Photo of Eliane Follaca
Eliane Follaca

“Hard at work for you: I found Matthew Dubin in the yellow pages in the early 2000, I was looking for an attorney who could take my Personal Injury case and file a law suit on my behalf that very day, as the 3 years status of limitation was up! Matt took my case and did what he does best, he went to work. Matt is approachable and can put someone at ease quite naturally. He is professional and reliable and his staff is always well informed about his case load, if you can’t reach him. 2 years ago, I sought Matt’s assistance once again for a different case because I knew that I could trust him unconditionally. Matt won two cases for me and in each instance, he communicated regularly, he was honest about what I should or shouldn’t expect. He assisted me in making decisions that weren’t always easy and through it all, he supported my choices. I am forever grateful and available for reference.” – Follaca

Pros: Honest, caring and professional amongst a few attributes…
Cons: Only one of him

Highly Qualified, Honest Attorney

Katie Seger :

Katie Seger was a repeat client who was involved in multiple rear-end collisions. At first, she was worried about seeking the treatment she needed because she was concerned about how she would pay the bills. After hiring us, she was able to get the treatment she needed.

Katie was anxious to get her case settled quickly, but we advised her to make sure she was ok and that her injuries were fully resolved before settling with the insurance company. Ultimately, she completed her treatment and we got her a great settlement she was very happy with. Money is never adequate compensation for the kinds of injuries my clients have suffered, but at least we can make sure the bills are paid and get them something so they can get on with their lives and try to put the injuries behind them without worrying about their finances.

Katie Seger

“Highly Qualified, Honest Attorney: We’ve used the services of Matthew Dubin’s office in two separate injury cases, and the results couldn’t have been any better. He was extremely patient with our situations, and always advised us for what would be in our best interest – rather than pushing to settle the cases sooner than necessary. In both instances we were able to secure very generous, but fair outcomes. We would definitely recommend Mr. Dubin’s office to other individuals who are facing a personal injury case, and plan to use Matthew for any future issues that arise for our family.” – dseger

Pros: Convenient downtown location, Great Staff, Honest approach to business

I Trust His Judgment

Tovia Bradley:

Tovia was involved in two accidents within a three week period resulting in injuries to her neck, back, shoulder and elbow. As a professional drummer, these injuries were particularly distressing to her. Tovia had already attempted to resolve one of her claims with Farmers Insurance and was not having any luck at all when she called our office.

We made sure Tovia got all of the treatment she needed for her injuries and then took on the insurance companies. It was a tough fight, but in the end we got Tovia a pretty good recovery, allowing her to move to the east coast and resume her career as a professional musician.

Tovia Bradley

“I was referred to Matt by my friend and passenger in a car accident. He was very efficient in settling the case for my friend. I was attempting to settle a very difficult case on my own with Farmers Insurance, which was a bad decision on my part. I had already been writing letters and such and when I needed to hire a lawyer, Matt stepped right in to and is still on the case to settle my claim. I trust his judgment because he did not kick me to the curb when I had already been in the mix with this bullheaded insurance company.” – Toviadrums

They Gave Me The Knowledge And Time To Choose Wisely

Jennifer Bragg :

Jennifer was visiting her friend when she was attacked and bitten repeatedly in the face by her friend’s dog. As a result of the attack Jennifer sustained injuries to her face and mouth, as well as damage to her back, neck and shoulder from trying the wrestle the dog off her.

We made sure Jennifer got the treatment she needed, including and appropriate plastic surgery consultation. We also made sure the friend’s homeowners insurance paid the medical bills.

Although the physical and emotional scars from this incident may never completely go away, we are proud that we were able to guide Jennifer through this process and get her a fair settlement from her friend’s homeowners insurance.

Jennifer Bragg

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more accepting and compassionate yet competent team of people to help me through a very tough time, especially in the beginning. I felt safe in my gut immediately. They provided me with detailed explanations and gave me a clear understanding of the big picture. They gave me the knowledge and time to choose wisely, and got me a fair and honest outcome.

They Took The Stress Off Me And My Family

Marie Eisaman:

After being involved in back to back car accidents in Seattle, Marie began to suffer a continuous, debilitating migraine headache, which persisted for more than a year. Even after extensive treatment, Marie continued to suffer from regular migraines which prevented her from working and forced her to virtually eliminate her social life. She was forced to leave her job as a nurse for more than a year, and even after returning, she was limited to reduced hours.

After obtaining a policy limits settlement from the insurance of the driver in the first accident, we went to work on Marie’s insurance. Because the second accident was a hit and run, we had to rely on Marie’s uninsured motorist coverage (UM). Fortunately, Marie had very good insurance. We were forced to file a lawsuit against the insurer and prepare for trial. We retained top experts on neurology and the treatment of headaches, and were fully prepared to go to trial.

Once the insurance company saw that we were taking the case seriously, and that we were prepared to go all the way, they came to the table with some real money and we were able to get the claim resolved.

Although Marie continues to suffer from periodic headaches, she is doing much better, and the settlement we obtained for her has allowed her to pay all of her outstanding bills and to have a financial cushion as she works to get her career as a nurse back on track.

Marie Eisaman

“I was in 2 accidents 5 years ago. My mom was actually the one to find Matt’s office and when we met with him, we were impressed with his knowledge and his confidence in taking on my case. His office was informative when I had questions and they always made sure I understood the answers. They took care of talking to the insurance companies and all health providers, and I had an extensive list! When I was stressed trying to get healthy, they took the stress off of me and my family. Even as my case dragged along, Matt never lost faith in my claim and the strength of my case against the insurance companies. He always was supportive and fought for me and what I needed and wanted. Everyone at his office was excited when I was finally able to settle both of my claims!” – Marie Eisaman

More To Me Than Just My Attorneys

Karen Bovenkamp:

Karen was driving through an intersection in Bellingham when another vehicle ran a stop sign and sped across her path. Karen was unable to stop in time to avoid the impact, and she T-boned the other car with great force.

Karen was taken from the scene by ambulance, and in the following months, she suffered from severe pain in her neck, back and shoulder and she had shooting pains down her leg. Following a lumbar spine MRI, Karen was diagnosed with a bulging disc and an annular tear. She attempted to treat the pain conservatively, but she ultimately required microdiscectomy surgery to repair the injury.

While the surgery provided some relief, there were complications, and Karen never completely recovered from her injuries.

We were able to quickly get a policy limits recovery from the other driver’s insurance and then we sought a policy limits settlement from Karen’s own underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. They gave us a hard time at first, but after seeing how we had documented Karen’s injuries and treatment, as well as the likely need for future treatment, they relented and paid their limits.

Karen Bovenkamp

“I was referred to the Dubin Law Group by a great friend of mine. From the moment I met with Becca, spoke with Matt via telephone or corresponded with Cat, I always felt as though they had my back. I was told not to worry (more than once) and if I needed to vent, I could call them anytime. They were upfront regarding account details and when they truly needed to defend me with the ‘not-so-nice’ insurance companies, they did just that! I am so grateful for all of them. Matt & Becca are more to me than just my attorneys, because I choose to think of them as my friends as well. Thank you so much for everything, Matt, Becca & Cat. ” – Respectfully, Karen Bovenkamp

A Chance To Create A New And Better Future

Larry Johnson:

Larry Johnson was a crab fisherman. Before I met him I had never seen “Deadliest Catch”, the Discovery Channel’s program documenting the dangers of this profession. Several times a year, Larry would go north to Alaska and he was making a very good living. On this particular trip, his Alaska Airlines flight landed at the small airport in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The plane stopped on the tarmac, and passengers were directed to walk along a walkway defined by cones and ropes. It was obvious to Larry and the other passengers that the designated walkway was icy, but they had no choice but to “walk the gauntlet” to get to the terminal.

Larry slipped on the ice, and reached out to break his fall. Upon landing, he felt a sharp pain in his wrist, which got worse as time passed. Instead of getting on the fishing boat, Larry was transported back to Seattle where he was diagnosed with torn ligaments in his wrist. We made sure he got excellent treatment, and after surgery and rehab he made a very good recovery. In fact, his doctor released Larry to almost any activity. Of course, the one thing he could not do was return to crab fishing. There was just too much risk his wrist would give out at a critical moment.

We fought hard for Larry, and ultimately got a great settlement from the airline. He used his recovery to start a handyman business.

“After 40 years of fishing in Alaska I suffered a career ending accident due to a major airline’s failure to properly de-ice their tarmac. After arriving back in Seattle I went through hand surgery which changed my whole career and life. The airline refused to accept responsibility until Matt Dubin took on my case. After Matt sued the airline and showed them he was serious about going to trial, they finally agreed to negotiate. After a difficult mediation, I received a large settlement for the loss of my career and the loss of full use of my hand. Thanks to Matt I’ve been able to start my own business, become engaged, and begin a new start on life. Thank you, Matt, for taking the worst time of my life and giving me a chance to create a new and better future for myself and my new wife.” – Larry Johnson

He Stands By His Performance

Je Bum Kim:

Mr. Kim was a passenger in a car that was struck by an oncoming car that was attempting to make a left turn. As a result of the collision, he experienced pain in his neck, back and shoulder. We worked with Mr. Kim and his health care providers to make sure he got the treatment he needed.

Ultimately, the insurance company took a hard stance on the case, refusing to offer full value for the injuries. We advised Mr. Kim to file a lawsuit, but it was his preference to wrap up the case and put the whole experience behind him. We consider it our job to give our clients the information they need to make the decisions that are best of them, and in this case, we respected Mr. Kim’s decision and made sure he got a fair net recovery after his bills and fees were paid.

“I went to Matthew for settlement claim on a car accident case. From the start to finish, he was very upfront, honest with me regarding the case and did not make any false or exaggerated assumptions about the outcome of the settlement, which I appreciate. At the end, the insurance company played hardball and we did not exactly get our goal settlement but Matthew still gave me a good cut on the final settlement breakdown that made me happy. At the end of the day, Matthew truly proved that he stands by his performance and, more importantly, that he is trustworthy counselor.” – jebumkin

“Wonderful Lawyer: Matt is a great lawyer who treated me extremely well! My case wasn’t a big one but you couldn’t tell by the attention it got. Hopefully I will never be injured in an accident again but if so, I will be calling Matt Dubin!” – Blithe in Seattle

“Matt Dubin is the one – you can stop your search! I had the pleasure of both working for Matt as well as turning to him for legal advice. When working for Matt, I was astounded by his sensitive approach to his clients and his honest work ethic. He is a pleasure to work for and I am happy to recommend him whenever I can. When turning to Matt for advice regarding two different car accidents (both not my fault!), Matt’s first concern was me. “Are you ok?” he asked immediately. He went above and beyond, offering me advice and genuine concern for my situation. Over the past five years his practice has continued to grow, indicating his undeniable success as a result of his commitment to his profession. Aside from his professional life, Matt is an active member of our Seattle community. He raises money for community causes, such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association; is a member of the Seattle Symphony Chorale; loves the Mariners (and his fantasy baseball league team!); and provides meaningful internships to aspiring lawyers and pre-law students at local universities. You can stop your search. Matt Dubin is the one to hire!” – Stephanie Watson

  • Pros: Honest and timely, a breath of fresh air

“Best attorney around and his staff is equally outstanding: I was very new to the area when I was injured in a car accident. I had no idea to whom to turn and I lucked out finding Matt because he has consistently led the way with compassion and intelligence. He drove to me for the initial consultation, he referred me to a great doctor in the area, he found out that the uninsured driver had insurance after all and, since my surgery, has settled that portion of my case with full policy limits. Because the responsible party was underinsured, my case is not yet complete, but I trust Matt and his staff to continue with the great expertise that they have thus far shown. Matt is a great communicator, very proactive and extremely knowledgeable. It also speaks very well of him that his staff is also very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Matt Dubin.” – Everett Sue

“Matt Dubin is the type of attorney everyone wants and needs! He accomplished for me more than most would be able to. He did for me what most attorneys would not bother with and collected! I thank you Matt for everything you have done for me!” – Mollie88

“Matt Dubin and his entire staff uphold the highest principle of the legal profession in placing the individual client first. Matt himself sets the standard in professional excellence. His willingness to accept the challenges and responsibilities inherent in complex litigation and his talent have led me to refer cases, particularly automobile accident and workplace injury cases, to his firm. Matt Dubin and his firm is committed to investing the time and resources required to fully represent every client’s case through the successive stages of investigation, preparation and trial so that each client receives what is just and reasonable. My patients regularly report that the service they receive from the Dubin Law Group is second to none!” – James A. Devine

“I’ve known Matt Dubin for seven years on a professional level and have come to call him “THE TEDDY BEAR WITH TEETH.” He’s a teddy bear with you, but wait till you see him in court – whew! The fangs come out, and he slices and dices whoever is on the other side of the room… I’ve seen him chew people up in court and not blink an eye about it. I guess the thing I like most about Matt as a lawyer is that he actually does listen to his clientele and returns their phone calls. Since he isn’t this hundred lawyer practice, he can offer the personalized, one-on-one care that most cases need. Matt specializes in personal injury and medical liability issues, and not much else, but he’s the best at them and I would have no problem referring my friends and relatives to him without question.” – unfix8r

Matt Dubin’s willingness to accept the challenges and responsibilities inherent in complex litigation and his talent have led me to refer cases, particularly automobile accident and workplace injury cases, to his firm. Matt Dubin and his firm are committed to investing the time and resources required to fully represent every client’s case through the successive stages of investigation, preparation and trial so that each client receives what is just and reasonable. My patients regularly report that the service they receive from the Law Offices of Matt Dubin is second to none!” – A Personal Injury Client

“Matthew Dubin is one of the few Attorneys I have ever met who truly cares about his clients, and who has, at the same time, the legal savvy and expertise to deliver extremely effective results. When I first met him on a referral from my father, I was lying incapacitated in a hospital bed after a serious car accident. I had very little hope of recouping much in the way of a financial settlement, due to a specific technical detail of the accident itself. Matt Dubin was able to negotiate two favorable financial settlements for me with the insurance companies involved, and I am now recovered and back into my normal life once more. Thank you very much Matt!” – A Personal Injury Client

  • Pros: Sincere, knowledgeable, effective, dependable
  • Cons: He only does accident-injury cases, and I wish he did other types of legal work as well!

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have known Matt for more than a decade and I have had the privilege of consulting with him regarding various aspects of his work. He is a dedicated and highly skilled attorney with first rate abilities and a deep commitment to excellence in his practice.” – Attorney David Huber

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. I currently share office space with Mr. Dubin and can state with confidence that he is a highly professional and skilled attorney in area of personal injury litigation – Attorney Mark C. Blair

“Matt is a skilled attorney. I have worked directly with Matt and know him to be trustworthy capable.” – Attorney Douglas Wilson

“Matthew has provided consulting services for co-workers, family and friends who needed legal advice and in each case was diligent and timely with all communications. Matthew is someone who does “more than is necessary” in service of client satisfaction.” – Jeff Thompson, district manager, Starbucks Coffee Company, was with another company when working with Matthew at Dubin Law Group

“Matthew is very hard-working, professional and trustworthy. I would recommend him without hesitation. If anyone can get the job done, it’s Matt.” – Tristan Heberlein, Landscape Designer and Project Manager, Solstice Landscapes Northwest, was with another company when working with Matthew at Dubin Law Group

“Matt was great by helping me with my personal injury against a company. He was helpful and supportive in every way. I thank him for his help.” – Kiger Hansen, hired Matthew as an attorney in 2007

“Matt was a terrific mentor and boss who took the time to teach me about the legal industry. After observing his drive and commitment to his clients, I would highly recommend Matt’s legal expertise to anyone seeking advice.” – Megan Salmon, Private Banking Analyst, Citigroup, reported to Matthew at Dubin Law Group

“Matthew Dubin is one of the few attorneys I have ever met who truly cares about his clients. When I first met him, I was lying incapacitated in a hospital bed after a serious car accident. I had very little hope of recouping much in the way of a financial settlement, due to a specific technical circumstance of the accident. Matt Dubin was able to negotiate two favorable financial settlements for me with the insurance companies involved, and I am now recovered and back into my normal life once more. Thank you very much Matt!” – David Weinstock, hired Matthew as an attorney in 2007, and hired Matthew more than once

“Matt has given me the comfort of working my insurance claim to the fullest. He has not dropped the ball even though I am not a high profile case and brought him a very difficult case. I consider him one in a million!” – Tovia Bradley, hired Matthew as an attorney in 2006

“Matthew is part of a small group of people that I trust implicitly – a man of integrity, character, and good will, who will go out of his way to do what is right.” – Rick Vazquez, Mortgage Advisor, Axia Financial

“Matt Dubin and his entire staff uphold the highest principle of the legal profession in placing the individual client first. Matt sets the standard in professional excellence. His willingness to accept the challenges and responsibilities inherent in complex litigation and his talent have led me to refer cases, particularly automobile accident and workplace injury cases, to his firm. Matt Dubin is committed to investing the time and resources required to fully represent every client’s case through the successive stages of investigation, preparation and trial so that each client receives what is just and reasonable. My patients regularly report that the service they receive from the Law Offices of Matt Dubin is second to none!” – margo d. – J.D. Seattle Chiropractor