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Mia Rebne-Morgan:

Client Mia Rebne-Morgan was walking across the street on her way to school in November, 2012, when she was suddenly hit by a car. Her chiropractor knew of the work we do, and suggested that she discuss her situation with us before talking to the insurance company. It’s a good thing she did!

David’s recovery was slow, but we were able to protect him from the insurance company shenanigans as his condition improved. Because David was a passenger when the collision took place, two different drivers shared responsibility for causing his injuries. We were able to settle quickly with one insurance company for their policy limits, but the other company insisted their driver was not in any way at fault.

Allstate tried to blame the accident on Mia, and claimed that her treatment was excessive and unreasonable. They also argued that her pain and suffering had no value because she is young and made a good recovery.

We were able to show Allstate that we mean business and that we took Mia’s claim very seriously. Ultimately, instead of risking a trial that they knew they would lose, Allstate agree to settle Mia’s claim for all of her medical bills as well as a fair amount for her pain and suffering.

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