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$3m Construction Site Injury

Darren Kady was severely injured on the job because someone was careless and left an open hole on a mezzanine 10 feet above a concrete floor. Even though the fault was clear, none of the companies involved was willing to accept responsibility, and even once we persuaded them to accept fault they denied Darren’s life-altering injuries. They even sent private investigators to spy on Darren and his family.

Fortunately, Darren and his wife Tammy found the Dubin Law Group. We shielded the Kadys from the worst of the insurance company nonsense and assembled a team of lawyers and experts to prove Darren’s case and get him a fair recovery.

Finally, after three years, and less than a month before trial, the insurance company, realizing it was going to lose, agreed to pay $3 million to Darren and Tammy.

Money can’t undo the harm that the Kady’s suffered, but at least they have some financial security for Darren’s future care. It has been my great honor to get to know this lovely family, and to help them get some #justice.

All I remember is waking up on the concrete down below.

Darren hung drywall. That’s what he did. He did it his whole life and he was really good at it.

Someone had left an open hole in the mezzanine that was obscured by some plastic and his foot went through the plastic and he ended up falling through the hole.

And I remember a bunch of people all around me and they said “look at his head” because my head was all swelled up out to here. It took a while for the paramedics to get me off the ground because I broke so many bones in my body.

But the really serious injury was the traumatic brain injury.

You know I don’t have really good days. You know I’m always in a lot of pain.

Nothing’s ever like it was and he will never be the same and I knew that day that he would never be the same.

Even talking today about his injury is so emotional and so raw for us. Even for my kids. Even for my grandkids. They know Grandpa’s different. Grandpa used to be the one that would come home from work and be out just doing things and mowing and working on cars. He can’t do that anymore.

The insurance company, they refused to pay. They totally denied the brain injury.

Insurance companies have entire departments where their sole goal is to not pay.

They put so much pressure on you to give in.

They hired a private investigator to follow Darren and his wife, taking secret video of them.

People will say and do mean things to you. We only focused on him and his health and him getting better.

I can’t imagine being hurt and you’re having to deal with this whole other mess of problems and paperwork that is just – can be really overwhelming, so we want to just make sure that they are not stressed out.

We’re all victims of something out of our control.

We ended up getting three million dollars from the insurance company for Darren.

You know how many people say to me do you ever just wake up and snap your finger and say oh my god I’m a millionaire. I don’t feel that way.

Money doesn’t make it okay.

Money doesn’t undo the injury. But at the end of the day we don’t have to worry anymore.

One thing we can say from this case is that Darren and his family now have financial security.

We treat our clients like family.

I couldn’t have done it without him – there ain’t no doubt about it. They were amazing. I mean, without them we would be in a lot deeper darker place than we are today.

They were almost like family to me. The situation was bad, but the process and the outcome was really good.

It’s about doing what’s right.

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