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I Trust His Judgment

Tovia Bradley:

Tovia was involved in two accidents within a three week period resulting in injuries to her neck, back, shoulder and elbow. As a professional drummer, these injuries were particularly distressing to her. Tovia had already attempted to resolve one of her claims with Farmers Insurance and was not having any luck at all when she called our office.

We made sure Tovia got all of the treatment she needed for her injuries and then took on the insurance companies. It was a tough fight, but in the end we got Tovia a pretty good recovery, allowing her to move to the east coast and resume her career as a professional musician.

Tovia Bradley
Tovia Bradley

“I was referred to Matt by my friend and passenger in a car accident. He was very efficient in settling the case for my friend. I was attempting to settle a very difficult case on my own with Farmers Insurance, which was a bad decision on my part. I had already been writing letters and such and when I needed to hire a lawyer, Matt stepped right in to and is still on the case to settle my claim. I trust his judgment because he did not kick me to the curb when I had already been in the mix with this bullheaded insurance company.” – Toviadrums