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$3.75m Pedestrian

Ginny Mayer was a college professor whose life was turned upside down when she was crushed between two cars in Edmonds, Washington. With hard work, perseverance, and top-notch medical care Ginny continues to make an excellent recovery, and with the help of attorney Matt Dubin and the Dubin Law Group, Ginny knows she will have the financial security to insure she has quality care for the rest of her life.

I just felt a big crunch and a lot of agony. That’s all I knew.

So, I was walking on the sidewalk. It was crowded right in front of the restaurant, so I stepped off the curb and walked around a car and at that point I was between two parked cars. And then I heard this big crunch.

Another car lost control and hit one of the parked cars forcing them together and she was basically crushed between two parked cars.

Ginny is a really amazing person. She was just minding her business walking down the street trying to avoid a crowd of people on the sidewalks – walked around and then her life changed.

And I mean it’s heartbreaking.

Every bone in my – from the waist down was broken.

She required multiple surgeries and an extended hospital stay.

Her life was so derailed by this accident. People are just living their lives minding their business and something happens, and their lives were changed forever.

Not being able to walk in a way that is normal and pain-free is too steep a price for anything.

She was an avid walker and she walked long distances every day and now it’s a struggle for her to walk even one block. Her world has gotten smaller, so I want to make sure that my injured clients get everything that they need and provide them a quality of life going forward that’s going to compensate them for what’s been taken from them.

It’s like one of those TV shows where its like you know they go to court against all odds, and somebody throws money at ‘em. It was pretty staggering I thought.

What I’m committed to doing as an attorney is to create a protective bubble around my client.

You know, you’re lying in bed miserable and in the hospital and people are asking you to fill out complicated paperwork. Taking that away was an immediate relief.

Some of the things I was really worried about – my future in nursing homes and having home care, and you know, doing that kind of thing which I think is kind of inevitable that won’t be an economic hardship the way it would have been.

While you can’t really put a monetary value on that, like, she deserves to be fairly compensated.

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