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Highly Qualified, Honest Attorney

Katie Seger :

Katie Seger was a repeat client who was involved in multiple rear-end collisions. At first, she was worried about seeking the treatment she needed because she was concerned about how she would pay the bills. After hiring us, she was able to get the treatment she needed.

Katie was anxious to get her case settled quickly, but we advised her to make sure she was ok and that her injuries were fully resolved before settling with the insurance company. Ultimately, she completed her treatment and we got her a great settlement she was very happy with. Money is never adequate compensation for the kinds of injuries my clients have suffered, but at least we can make sure the bills are paid and get them something so they can get on with their lives and try to put the injuries behind them without worrying about their finances.

Katie Seger
Katie Seger

“Highly Qualified, Honest Attorney: We’ve used the services of Matthew Dubin’s office in two separate injury cases, and the results couldn’t have been any better. He was extremely patient with our situations, and always advised us for what would be in our best interest – rather than pushing to settle the cases sooner than necessary. In both instances we were able to secure very generous, but fair outcomes. We would definitely recommend Mr. Dubin’s office to other individuals who are facing a personal injury case, and plan to use Matthew for any future issues that arise for our family.” – dseger

Pros: Convenient downtown location, Great Staff, Honest approach to business