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More To Me Than Just My Attorneys

Karen Bovenkamp:

Karen was driving through an intersection in Bellingham when another vehicle ran a stop sign and sped across her path. Karen was unable to stop in time to avoid the impact, and she T-boned the other car with great force.

Karen was taken from the scene by ambulance, and in the following months, she suffered from severe pain in her neck, back and shoulder and she had shooting pains down her leg. Following a lumbar spine MRI, Karen was diagnosed with a bulging disc and an annular tear. She attempted to treat the pain conservatively, but she ultimately required microdiscectomy surgery to repair the injury.

While the surgery provided some relief, there were complications, and Karen never completely recovered from her injuries.

We were able to quickly get a policy limits recovery from the other driver’s insurance and then we sought a policy limits settlement from Karen’s own underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. They gave us a hard time at first, but after seeing how we had documented Karen’s injuries and treatment, as well as the likely need for future treatment, they relented and paid their limits.

Karen Bovenkamp
Karen Bovenkamp

“I was referred to the Dubin Law Group by a great friend of mine. From the moment I met with Becca, spoke with Matt via telephone or corresponded with Cat, I always felt as though they had my back. I was told not to worry (more than once) and if I needed to vent, I could call them anytime. They were upfront regarding account details and when they truly needed to defend me with the ‘not-so-nice’ insurance companies, they did just that! I am so grateful for all of them. Matt & Becca are more to me than just my attorneys, because I choose to think of them as my friends as well. Thank you so much for everything, Matt, Becca & Cat. ” – Respectfully, Karen Bovenkamp