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Our Tacoma Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You Seek Compensation

Commercial trucks bear a lot of power and weight. When they are involved in a collision, they can cause severe injuries and damages that may have devastating impacts on those involved. Nearly every part of your life could change if you are hit by a truck. But an attorney with experience in these matters can make a difference in your future.

At Dubin Law Group in Tacoma, our firm has an extensive background in personal injury representation. Our success dates back to the ‘90s, and we have successfully handled hundreds of truck accident claims. We can help you obtain what you deserve for your damages.

The Liable Party Should Pay When Standards Are Ignored

There are various standards and laws that commercial truck drivers must adhere to so they can maintain safe and efficient transportation. They must, for instance, log their mileage and driving time, as well as keep records of maintenance. In the demand of their duties, many truckers fall victim to fatigue or sleep deprivation, and wind up causing a catastrophic accident or even the wrongful death of a motorist or passenger.

Our attorneys know how to investigate truck accident details and pinpoint the evidence that will make a difference in your claim. Whether the trucking insurance company settles or the case goes to court, we will put your best interests first throughout the process.

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Your injury matters. Do not let an insurance company deprive you of your due financial recovery. For a free case evaluation, call us in Tacoma at 206-973-1783 or use our contact form. You will not be charged a legal fee unless you are awarded compensation.