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They Gave Me The Knowledge And Time To Choose Wisely

Jennifer Bragg :

Jennifer was visiting her friend when she was attacked and bitten repeatedly in the face by her friend’s dog. As a result of the attack Jennifer sustained injuries to her face and mouth, as well as damage to her back, neck and shoulder from trying the wrestle the dog off her.

We made sure Jennifer got the treatment she needed, including and appropriate plastic surgery consultation. We also made sure the friend’s homeowners insurance paid the medical bills.

Although the physical and emotional scars from this incident may never completely go away, we are proud that we were able to guide Jennifer through this process and get her a fair settlement from her friend’s homeowners insurance.

Jennifer Bragg
Jennifer Bragg

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more accepting and compassionate yet competent team of people to help me through a very tough time, especially in the beginning. I felt safe in my gut immediately. They provided me with detailed explanations and gave me a clear understanding of the big picture. They gave me the knowledge and time to choose wisely, and got me a fair and honest outcome.