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Jennifer Bragg – They Treated Us Like We Mattered

Jennifer Bragg and her husband Jacob sustained severe spinal injuries in a bus accident. Although they live in Washington, while vacationing in Las Vegas a shuttle bus they were riding in was struck at high speed by a car. Complicating matters, the driver of the car was from California and the shuttle bus was covered by a Nevada policy. Even though there was a million dollars of coverage, the insurance companies were giving them the runaround.

Before too long, Jennifer and Jacob decided to hire a local Seattle personal injury law firm to help them with their claim. Fortunately for them, they found the Dubin Law Group. We made the insurance company accept responsibility, but they still tried to get out of paying, arguing the injuries and multiple surgeries were all a result of prior conditions.

It took almost three years of fighting and preparing for trial, but finally, the insurance company relented and paid its full $1 million limits. Jennifer and Jacob are still recovering from their injuries, but the money they recovered will enable Jennifer to open her own salon and begin teaching other stylists as well. It has been a great privilege getting to know and work with Jennifer and Jacob, and we’re glad we are able to get them some justice.

There was a lot of scrambling and like, are you Oks, and the bus driver was screaming “oh my god, oh my god, are you OK?

We were on vacation in Vegas. We were gonna celebrate our birthdays.

They were on a shuttle bus and it got t-boned by a car at high speed.

She hit us so hard that it almost flipped the shuttle bus.

So this case involved a California driver hitting a Las Vegas shuttle bus with my clients from Washington.

They just gave us the runaround for months until Matt and the law firm got involved.

We know lawyers all over the country, and so we’ve got this network of attorneys that work with us, and enable us to represent people in states all over the country.

The shuttle bus company had a million dollars of policy, but they didn’t want to pay. They wanted to blame prior conditions – prior problems that had nothing to do with this accident.

So before the accident I lifted weights and ran for 40 years and was in stellar shape. I used to mountain bike ride and snowboard. And I can no longer do any of that. I had to close the business. I had just opened it two months before we took that trip.

She couldn’t work. She couldn’t exercise.

This changed our lives. We almost lost our house. And I didn’t know if I was ever gonna be able to do hair again.

People are losing their jobs or a hefty amount of their wage, and they are scared, and they don’t know what to do.

I didn’t know what to do or where to go and someone told me to look online and everything that I heard was very generic and I was very discouraged. But when I heard the testimonies and I heard Matt’s voice, and I heard the way that he talked about treating people, I knew out of the few that I had listened to that, that was my choice.

We treat our clients well. And they know that as unpleasant as this legal process can be, that we make it as easy as we can for them.

They care about how you’re doing. They treated us like we mattered.

We want our clients to focus on getting the medical treatment they need, getting better, and getting their lives back to normal.

So the full amount that we received was the full million dollar policy.

My dream was to own a salon again, and I have just started to rethink that dream again. I don’t think you can ask for anything more than that, and I’m super thankful.

I just love that guy. Like, just as a human being.

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