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Just The Kind Of Attorney We Needed

Frederick Nelson:

Rick Nelson was rear-ended twice within a 2 month period. Neither collision was particularly major, but the combination of the two impacts with a pre-existing chronic health condition resulted in profound pain and disability. None of the insurance companies involved acknowledged the seriousness of Rick’s injuries, so he came to us.

We worked with his personal injury protection (PIP) coverage and his health insurance to make sure his bills were paid and ultimately were forced to file a lawsuit against the two drivers involved. Even at the arbitration, the two lawyers for the insurance companies argued that the accidents were minor and that Rick should not be compensated for his injuries. The arbitrator did not agree. Based on the expert testimony we submitted, the arbitrator clearly understood the nature of Rick’s injuries and awarded him the maximum allowed.

Frederick Nelson
Frederick Nelson

“Our Thanks to Matt Dubin: It is a pleasure to write a recommendation for our wonderful attorney, Matthew Dubin. Matt is an extremely talented and knowledgeable attorney. I am compelled to say that I have never met an attorney who is as insightful and as astute as he. He has a natural ability to read people and anticipate their motives and actions. His understanding of the law is nothing short of phenomenal. We have known Matt Dubin well over ten years. He has helped us with three personal injury cases – none of which was our fault – and Matt won them all. He is just the kind of attorney we needed. He is compassionate and kind. He listens to what we have to say and understands us. He has guided us through some prickly issues with respect and understanding. He is a person of integrity, and he has never pulled any punches with us. He is always straight to the point. To see Matt in action against opposing parties is amazing to watch. He has astonished us with his ability to go after opposing counsel and see them become flustered and shaken. He is brilliant. Matt is very modest about touting his amazing abilities as an attorney. I will do it for him – any time.” – CJS Nelson