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Lindi Mondavi:

Lindi was minding her own business, walking along the sidewalk in a Seattle neighborhood, when she stepped into an open hole that had been left exposed by some Seattle City Light workers. She fell, spraining her foot and injuring her low back. The City refused to cover her medical bills so she contacted us. We made sure she got the treatment she needed, and carefully documented the accident scene before the City could change it.

Our careful preparation of the claim, including reports from Lindi’s doctors, photographs of the accident scene and expert testimony prompted to City of Seattle to make a very fair offer, and we were able to get Lindi a great recovery without filing a lawsuit. Sometimes the best outcomes are when we DON’T have to sue.

Lindi Mondavi
Lindi Mondavi

“Great Lawyer: I highly recommend Matt Dubin for his exceptional expertise and professionalism. I am very impressed with his explanation of the law and his advice on how to handle my situation. I’ve really enjoyed working with Matt and his staff, they are easy to get a hold of and easy to talk too. They work quickly, efficiently and courteously. I will definitely recommend his firm to anyone looking for a good lawyer.” – Lindi Mondavi