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Eliane Follaca:

We represented Eliane Follaca in a car accident case, and then 2 years later in a truck accident case. In both cases, she suffered herniated discs in her neck, which required surgery. We got her a great recovery for the first accident and she was doing great when she was rear-ended at high speed by a Canadian truck. This time she immediately called our office. Eliane is only one of many of our return clients. Once a person has worked with us, they are likely to call us again if they ever need a lawyer because we genuinely care about our clients and work hard to maintain these relationships. We return calls promptly and work to empower our clients to make the decisions that are right for them.

We worked with Eliane’s auto and health insurance, as well as the Canadian insurance to make sure all of Eliane’s bills were paid. After her cervical fusion surgery and recovery, we were able to negotiate an excellent settlement for Eliane. Although she will always have some degree of impairment from her injuries, the work we did made it possible for Eliane to put this incident behind her and get on with her life.

Photo of Eliane Follaca
Eliane Follaca

“Hard at work for you: I found Matthew Dubin in the yellow pages in the early 2000, I was looking for an attorney who could take my Personal Injury case and file a law suit on my behalf that very day, as the 3 years status of limitation was up! Matt took my case and did what he does best, he went to work. Matt is approachable and can put someone at ease quite naturally. He is professional and reliable and his staff is always well informed about his case load, if you can’t reach him. 2 years ago, I sought Matt’s assistance once again for a different case because I knew that I could trust him unconditionally. Matt won two cases for me and in each instance, he communicated regularly, he was honest about what I should or shouldn’t expect. He assisted me in making decisions that weren’t always easy and through it all, he supported my choices. I am forever grateful and available for reference.” – Follaca

Pros: Honest, caring and professional amongst a few attributes…
Cons: Only one of him