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Lawyer With Heart And Backbone

David Alexanderson:

David Alexanderson was a man in his mid-20s who was rear-ended and suffered a herniated disc in his low back. He was experiencing debilitating pain radiating down his leg, and he was unable to work. What complicated David’s situation was that the diagnostic testing for his spinal injury disclosed that he was suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease, a curable, but very invasive form of cancer. He was forced to postpone the treatment for his spinal injury while he treated his cancer.

The insurance company refused to pay for future treatment of the spinal injury, even though all of David’s physicians agreed that the treatment was necessary. We put together detailed documentation of all of David’s injuries, as well as the need for future treatment, and engaged in serious negotiations with the insurance company. Ultimately, David got good news on both fronts: his tumors had completely disappeared, and we got him a great recovery from the insurance company.

David Alexanderson
David Alexanderson

“Lawyer with heart and backbone: I first met Matt it was just him and Becca and they had their hands full So at first i was early should i have gone with one of those real big attorneys? Are they gonna have time for me? Can they get me what i deserve? Well it would only be suiting that i would have chosen the best lawyer around they have made feel as comfortable as possible. They call you back quickly and help with everything they can and DON’T LEAVE YOU HANGING TO FACE THE INSURANCE COMPANY ALONE NO MATTER WHAT!!! Now that my fiance is dealing with an accident and Matt is representing her we have found out how important it is to have a lawyer with heart. So don’t go with those bozos who are all over the buses or any other lawyer just Matt and Becca. WE love you guys, David and Marissa”