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Established in 1998, the Dubin Law Group is widely considered the top personal injury firm in Seattle. Whether it’s client testimonials, awards won by our attorneys, or most importantly, the results we consistently obtain for our clients, our reputation is second to none.

For nearly twenty years, our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented injured people in both state and federal courts, before arbitrators, and in mediation and settlement conferences. In the process, we have used the law to compel corporations and governmental entities to produce safer products and act more carefully to protect the rights of ordinary people.

As leaders in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death litigation, our attorneys have helped shape personal injury law, while securing millions of dollars in compensation for our injured clients

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headshot of attorney Matthew D. Dubin

Matthew D. Dubin
Founding Attorney

headshot of attorney Betsylew Miale-Gix

Betsylew Miale-Gix
Senior Litigation Attorney


headshot of Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang
Firm Administrator

headshot of Lorraine Olivas

Lorraine Olivas
Senior Case Manager

headshot of Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker
Litigation Paralegal

headshot of Amelia Warriner

Amelia Warriner
Senior Intake Specialist

headshot of Courtney Salgueiro

Courtney Salgueiro
Case Manager

headshot of Melanie Cron

Melanie Cron
Case Manager

Melissa Mojica

Melissa Mojica
Case Manager

headshot of Ruth Rodriquez

Ruth Rodriguez
Case Manager

headshot of Ruth Tess

Ruth Tess
Case Manager

headshot of Suz Alhussieni

Suz Alhussieni
Case Manager

headshot of Tiffany Akoury

Tiffany Akoury
Case Manager

headshot of Ellie Chang

Ellie Chang
Legal Assistant

headshot of Adam Zacharia

Adam Zacharia
Legal Assistant

headshot of Ana Borrayo

Ana Borrayo
Litigation Legal Assistant

headshot of Andrei Andresscu

Andrei Andreescu
Intake Legal Assistant

headshot of Paola Joya

Paola Joya
Intake Specialist

headshot of Manuel Torres

Manuel Torres
Intake Specialist

headshot of Thelma Norwood

Thelma Norwood

Contact the Dubin Law Group today to discuss your claim in a free consultation and case evaluation. Based in Seattle, Washington, we serve victims and their families throughout King, Snohomish and Pierce counties. Call us at 206-800-8000.