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What duties do drivers owe to pedestrians?

As a previous post discussed, individuals in Seattle often end up being a pedestrian at some point in their commute to and from work. Whether it is a brief moment in a parking lot, at a bus stop, to and from a light rail station or because they are getting around by foot, the sidewalks and crosswalks are frequently used in the city. While this is an effective way to get around, walking where vehicles are also present can generate some safety issues. If a motorist is not attentive or fails to drive safely, this could result in a serious auto-pedestrian accident.

What duties are owed to pedestrians? Whether a pedestrian is walking on a sidewalk, on the side of the road, in a crosswalk or in a parking lot, the motorists traveling near them owe pedestrians a certain duty. This means that drivers should be attentive and aware of the pedestrian's presence, follow the rules of the road, yield to pedestrians and not drive recklessly.

Concerning rate of pedestrian accidents in Seattle

For individuals in Washington and other states across the nation, motor vehicles are not the only convenient way to get around. Walking is an efficient and reliable in big cities. In addition to being environmentally safe and economical, pedestrians tend to enjoy a nice walk outside as they head to and from their destinations. No matter the reason for traveling by foot, the unfortunate reality is that the lives of pedestrians are put at risk because of the motorists that travel near them.

According to current statistics regarding the pedestrian safety in the city of Seattle, safety is going in the wrong direction. In other words, there has been an increase in fatal pedestrian accidents in the city. In 2017, 11 pedestrians died. This accounted for more than half of the total fatal accidents occurring in Seattle that year.

Wrong-way driver causes four accidents, one of them fatal

We all get busy, rushed, distracted and even intoxicated. When in the proper environment and handled correctly, these tend to be fine. However, when one is behind the wheel, this is a dangerous combination, like when a driver is under the influence of alcohol. The driver may not be able to operate the vehicle safely, even causing the vehicle to travel in the wrong direction and colliding with another vehicle in a head on crash.

For example, according to reports, authorities in Washington State were recently dispatched to a wrong-way collision. The accident took place on Interstate 5 in Marysville. Occurring around 4 p.m., the crash took place just south of 530.

What safety concern can cause bus accidents?

While owning and operating a personal vehicle is common in Washington State, some residents rely on public transportation to get around. Whether it is to commute to work, go on a day trip, head to school or go site seeing, transit buses and coach buses are frequently used to get numerous passengers to various destinations. While it is a convenient way to get around, it is also a mode of transportation that has its risks. If a bus driver is not operating a bus safely or are upholding his or her duty to drive the bus safely, this could result in a bus accident.

What safety concern is causing bus accidents? Much like commercial truck drivers, bus drivers also travel long distances. This means that he or she is behind the wheel of a vehicle for an extended period of time. This can cause a driver to get drowsy overtime, especially if they are tasked to drive well into the night. Fatigued driving is a serious condition on the roadway, and it is one that the National Transportation Safety Board seeks to reduce.

Factors concerning auto-pedestrian accidents

Although motor vehicles are very reliable and often necessary, they cannot always take you where you need to go. In some cases, it is much more convenient to walk or ones' only option in certain areas. Thus, being a pedestrian is a fairly common occurrence for those living in Settle and other cities across the nation. While sidewalks, crosswalks and signals are designed with the safety of pedestrians in mind, the reality is that this does not protect walkers from negligent or distracted drivers. Thus, auto-pedestrian accidents could occur.

Based on a current study, research found that car accidents involving pedestrians are on the rise and are becoming more deadly. Data shows that since 2009, which was the all time low for pedestrian accidents, fatalities from pedestrian car accidents have risen 46 percent. Researchers also found that most pedestrian accidents were likely to occur in urban and suburban areas after dark and far from intersections.

Taking action following a pedestrian accident

Walking from your vehicle to your office building, from a store to your parked car, in a residential area or on city streets. These are all times when a person is considered a pedestrian. One could be walking in a parking lot, on a sidewalk or in a crossing walk. However, risks of being involved in an auto-pedestrian accident remain. If a motorist is not paying attention, is reckless or intoxicated, a pedestrian could be struck by a vehicle, resulting in serious and even fatal injuries.

There are many reasons why pedestrian accidents occur in Seattle and other cities across the nation. However, the most common is when a motorist is making a right hand turn while at a red light. During this time, the walking sign is likely illuminated, signaling pedestrians to walk. Although pedestrians have the right of way, a motorist may not be attentive to this when making a turn. This can unfortunately lead to serious pedestrian accidents.

Don't Get Burned By The Statute of Limitations

SOL.jpgAlmost every kind of legal claim has a time limit - a deadline after which you lose the right to sue. This deadline is called a Statute of Limitations. The purpose of a statute of limitations is to give a potential defendant certainty. If you could sue for a car accident 20 years after it happened, everyone who ever caused an accident would be living in fear, wondering if they were going to be sued.

Why do motorcycle accidents occur?

Now that the warm weather is here to stay, it is important that drivers remain more attentive. Not only are roads filled with increasing travel during holidays and for vacation travel, more and more motorcycles are ridden as a primary vehicle or for enjoyment. These small vehicles can easily be missed. If motorists are not on the lookout for bikers, it is very easy to maneuver a vehicle into their path, causing a serious motorcycle crash.

Why do motorcycle accidents occur? There are many reasons why these types of crashes could occur. However, an increasing concern is that crashes involving motorcyclists are due to motorists not checking their mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes or making a turn. Motorcycle awareness is important, and the failure to check one's surroundings is a major cause of motorcycle crashes.

Proving fault following a car crash

Even if we do our best to plan our day, week, month, year or even life, the truth of the matter is that the unexpected will happen. This may come in the form of major house repairs, a lost job, a diagnosis of an illness or even a serious accident. Thus, we are left attempting to navigate what to do when the unfortunate and unexpected events happen. With regards to an automobile accident, this means taking the time to understand your rights and legal recourses.

When accident victims believe that a negligent party caused the crash, it is important to take steps that will help prove this. This means collecting evidence that will help prove your stance on the matter. The

Five injured in a three-car crash in Washington State

Whether we are traveling on a busy rod or not, it is vital to remain attentive to those traveling around us. Even when it seems like no vehicles are around, driving a safe speed, signaling turns and checking mirrors and blind spots is still necessary. An accident could happen whether a major or minor error is made, and the injuries others could suffer at the hands of a negligent driver could be tremendous.

According to recent reports, a three-car collision occurred in the Woodland area. Based on reports from the Washington State Patrol, the accident happened around 3:48 p.m. on State Route 503. Police believe the accident happened when a vehicle was raveling southbound when he apparently slammed into the back of another vehicle that was stopped and waiting to turn left onto Little Kalama River Road.

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