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Statistics surrounding pedestrian accidents

Many do not realize this, but one often becomes a pedestrian at many points in the day. When individuals in Washington and other states across the nation get out of their vehicle, while they walk to and from their vehicle, he or she is a pedestrian. This means that whether a person is walking, running, jogging or simply heading to their vehicle in a parking lot, they are pedestrians. It also means that these individuals are put at risk when traveling by foot near traffic.

Automobile drivers are supposed to be aware of their surroundings. This not only ensures that they maneuver their vehicle safely but also that they do not collide with those around them. When a motorist fails to watch for pedestrians or travel slowly in areas when they frequent, this could result in a serious auto-pedestrian accident.

Possible DUI accident involves three cars and injures two

Washington state roads have a tendency to get busy, much like other roadways across the nation. Motorists are constantly on their way to and from destinations, often in a rush. This can be a toxic symptom on the roadways, resulting in distracted and reckless driving. In some cases, drivers might be under the influence of alcohol. This can cause some of the biggest dangers on the road, resulting in serious and even fatal crashes.

A possible DUI accident occurred in Tacoma recently. Based on preliminary reports, the crash involved three vehicles and occurred during the early morning hours on the westbound state Route 16 off-ramp at union Avenue. Washington State Patrol believes that the crash occurred when two vehicles were stopped and a third vehicle rear-ended one of them. This resulted in the struck car colliding with the other vehicle.

How do you prove loss of consortium following a fatal accident?

We never like to think about losing a loved one. And if we had to think about this tragic moment, we would presume it would happen later in life, once an individual has lived a full life and is old in age. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some individuals are taken away from us far too soon and at the hands of a negligent driver. Fatal motor vehicle accidents are not only unexpected but are also the cause of major losses and damages suffered by the surviving family members.

The sudden loss of a spouse, significant other or parent can cause much devastation. Suffering the loss of a loved one is challenging, but dealing with the damages associated with this loss can be overwhelming. One of these losses is known as loss of consortium.

Bus accidents and vicarious liability

While buses are convenient modes of transportation for individuals in Seattle and other cities across the nation, they are also a source of many risks and dangers on the roadways. These vehicles transport a large number of passengers at one time, putting many lives at risk in the event of a bus crash. A bus driver is required to meet a certain standard of care while operating a bus in the line of work. Failure to do so places liability on them in the event of an accident.

Through the theory of vicarious liability, liability for an accident can be shared. For example, when one party is responsible or has control for a third party, and that party is negligent in carrying out that responsibility and exercising control, it is possible for both parties to face liability. In cases of employer and employee relationship, an employer might be held liable if an employee operates equipment or machinery, operating in a negligent or inappropriate way that results in personal injury or property damage.

Protecting your rights following a bus crash

Living in a major city has many perks. One of these is the ability to use public transportation. Whether it is a taxi, bus or train, this can provide easy and affordable ways for residents in Seattle to get around. While these are fairly reliable and safe modes of transportation, city buses are prone to risks and errors.

Operation errors could occur when a negligent bus driver is behind the wheel. Mechanical errors could happen when the bus is not properly maintained. And a serious bus accident could ensue when other motorists are negligent and collide with this massive vehicle. When bus accidents happen, many people are put at risk. These vehicles can transport a large number of passengers and, when a bus crash occurs, those riding on the bus could suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

Does speeding account for serious and fatal accidents?

Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a rush. Maybe they have a busy day, have too much on their plate or are juggling their work and family. Whatever the reasons, residents in Washington and other states always seem to be going somewhere. The roads filled with motorists prove this. While some are not in a rush to get to their final destination, others might be on a time crunch. This can compel a driver to hit the gas pedal, going much faster than the speed limit.

Going a mile or two over the speed limit might seem minimal, and most cases it is. However, traveling 10, 15, 20 and even 25 over the posted speed limit is very dangerous. Vehicles could lose control, be unable to stop in time or drift off the roadway due to inclement weather. Whatever the case, speeding could result in a serious automobile collision.

Study shows children take longer to recover from TBIs

As a motorist, no one in Washington or any other state across the nation believes that he or she will be involved in an accident. Thus, it is shocking when they are involved in a collision that causes them and their children passengers to be harmed in the wreck. While adults are susceptible to all types of injuries in a crash, children are more prone to severe injuries, such as a brain injury, when an automobile crash occurs.

Based on current research, children take much longer to recover from brain injuries when compared to adults with similar head trauma. Brain scans may be the answer to understand why this is the case. Brain imaging illustrates that damage to the white matter in the brain might be associated with a slower recovery from the injury.

Rollover crash caused by stolen car in police pursuit

We can't always predict what people are going to do. On roadways, we can anticipate what vehicles might do, but if a driver does not use a turn signal, does not stop, speeds or suddenly slams on the breaks, other motorists are not prepared for the actions. This also opens up the possibility that a crash will occur, as drivers are unable to evade the negligence of others. Much like motorists do not anticipate to be around a negligent driver, they do not expect to be amongst a vehicle evading law enforcement, weaving and colliding with other automobiles during the pursuit on the roadway.

This is what recently occurred in Seattle. According to reports, a two-car rollover crash occurred when police were attempting to stop a vehicle that was stolen. Reports indicate that the vehicle was evading law enforcement, causing them to hit multiple cars and eventually crash with one.

Why do motorcycle crashes happen?

Warm weather or not, many motorcyclists in Seattle and other cities across the nation will still take to the road. While some diehard motorcyclists will rack up thousands of miles each year, it does not matter if a biker travels 20 or 20,000 miles a year, the risks and dangers are the same. What is even worse is that most crashes that involve motorcycles are not caused by the negligence of the motorcyclists.

When considering current statistics on motorcycle crashes, motorcycle accidents have experienced a rising trend. When looking at these statistics as a whole, the most concerning is that most of these collisions were not at-fault ones. This means that the motorcyclist, who is likely labeled as risky, did not cause the crash. In fact, most of those caused in 2015 were due to the negligence of other motorists.

Roughly 90 percent of motorists use their phones while driving

We all do it. Washingtonians use our phones everywhere we go. This is a piece of technology that keeps us connected to others, allowing us to take pictures, text, research and even complete work on the go. However, there is one place a phone is not suitable, and this is behind the wheel of a vehicle. The dangers of distracted driving are apparent due to the increasing rate of fatal car accidents. However, some motorists think they can get away with using their phone quickly.

The rate of cellphone use while driving is astounding. According to a current study, it was found that roughly 9 in 10 drivers use their phones while driving. And, since nearly every driver in the U.S. owns a smartphone, the temptation to check an email, send a text or make a phone call is always there.

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