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They Took The Stress Off Me And My Family

Marie Eisaman:

After being involved in back to back car accidents in Seattle, Marie began to suffer a continuous, debilitating migraine headache, which persisted for more than a year. Even after extensive treatment, Marie continued to suffer from regular migraines which prevented her from working and forced her to virtually eliminate her social life. She was forced to leave her job as a nurse for more than a year, and even after returning, she was limited to reduced hours.

After obtaining a policy limits settlement from the insurance of the driver in the first accident, we went to work on Marie’s insurance. Because the second accident was a hit and run, we had to rely on Marie’s uninsured motorist coverage (UM). Fortunately, Marie had very good insurance. We were forced to file a lawsuit against the insurer and prepare for trial. We retained top experts on neurology and the treatment of headaches, and were fully prepared to go to trial.

Once the insurance company saw that we were taking the case seriously, and that we were prepared to go all the way, they came to the table with some real money and we were able to get the claim resolved.

Although Marie continues to suffer from periodic headaches, she is doing much better, and the settlement we obtained for her has allowed her to pay all of her outstanding bills and to have a financial cushion as she works to get her career as a nurse back on track.

Marie Eisaman
Marie Eisaman

“I was in 2 accidents 5 years ago. My mom was actually the one to find Matt’s office and when we met with him, we were impressed with his knowledge and his confidence in taking on my case. His office was informative when I had questions and they always made sure I understood the answers. They took care of talking to the insurance companies and all health providers, and I had an extensive list! When I was stressed trying to get healthy, they took the stress off of me and my family. Even as my case dragged along, Matt never lost faith in my claim and the strength of my case against the insurance companies. He always was supportive and fought for me and what I needed and wanted. Everyone at his office was excited when I was finally able to settle both of my claims!” – Marie Eisaman