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Matt Dubin Believed In Me

Barbie Svenson:

Barbie Svenson was vacationing in Las Vegas and was driving a rental car when she was rear-ended by a California driver. Fortunately, she had purchased full insurance coverage with the rental car, including underinsured motorist coverage. The impact threw her body forward and wrenched her wrists on the steering wheel, resulting in torn cartilage in her wrist. She ultimately required surgery in Seattle to restore function to her wrist and hand. When the insurance company started to give her a hard time she called us.

We quickly negotiated a settlement with the other driver’s insurance, but this did not even come close to compensating her for her injuries. We then went after the underinsured motorist (UM) coverage through the rental company. Despite the clear evidence regarding the cause and extent of Barbie’s injuries, the insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer. Ultimately, we were forced to go to Vegas for arbitration pursuant to the terms of the policy. Although we were clearly the visiting team, and the arbitrator knew the insurance attorney we won the arbitration and were awarded the policy limits.

Barbie Svenson
Barbie Svenson

“Matt Dubin Believed in Me: I am from Alaska and was in an auto accident a few years back in Las Vegas, Nevada in a rental car. First advice, take out the insurance they offer it does pay off in the end. Second piece of advice, choose Matt Dubin to represent you. He will do everything to make sure you get the settlement you deserve. I was injured in the accident and he believed in me and knew I had a good solid case He has always been fair and upfront with me. Thanks Matt.” – Barbie Svenson”