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Injured in 2 Seattle Accidents – Hired Dubin Law Group

Hi my name is eric e and i was involved in two accidents to automobile accidents and you know it’s a very traumatic experience you know the second accident I was whiplash uh you know I ended up going to the hospital I fell into depression my hips and things that you know I’ve such a young age started hurting that’s where I found Matthew law offices of Matthew Dubin Rebecca and mad they made sure everything got paid everything was on point you know they helped me through the hard times i was in school and you know we BEC at one time she like worked with me and and even helped me turn to ride it like a letter to my future and things that went over what you know going to a lawyer anything would be they went up of 0 above and beyond that they were there for me all the way throughout the foil experience and you know the whole office was there for me I really didn’t think I could recover from the situation now it was just a hard time in my life but through everything through all the college relations they were there for me they fought for me and and I got compensated so III all I know is that my life is I can I have a new life I could start over fresh and the two accidents it’s just a distant memory and and the law offices the magic dumant help me to come and he’d be a better person have this new life if I knew anybody that was an accident didn’t have a lawyer I didn’t know where to go uh you should go to Matthew law office is Matthew zoom because they will not just work with your case but they don’t be there for you they’ll be you know don’t make sure everything’s right and you don’t have to worry about anything um and yeah i would highly recommend.