How Do I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

You know all those lawyer commercials where they proudly announce that the lawyer only gets paid if they get a recovery for you? Well, guess what? Every personal injury lawyer has the same model. It is called a contingent fee, and it means the lawyer’s only fee is a percentage of what he recovers for you. No recovery – no fee. Simple. And universal. If a lawyer’s only selling point is “no recovery – no fee” you must wonder if they have anything unique to offer you at all. Will they treat you with the respect and attentiveness that you deserve? Will they work to achieve your goals or their own? Do they have the personnel and resources to handle your case properly?

Injured On The Job – Can I Sue?

We get calls all the time from people who were injured on the job. They understand the basics of workers compensation law, but they also realize that workers compensation will never adequately compensate them for the pain, suffering, and disability they are enduring,...



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