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People are at risk of accidents when waiting for a bus in Seattle

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

In Seattle, taking public transportation is a way for people to avoid using their vehicles, save money, benefit the environment and, theoretically, be safer than they would if they were walking, riding a bicycle or using their own vehicle. However, there are inherent risks whenever a person takes to the streets and waiting at a bus stop is no different.

Recent accidents and analysis highlight how people can be injured and lose their lives unexpectedly when waiting for or exiting a bus. People need to be aware of their surroundings and be cautious. Still, that cannot prevent all accidents. Knowing what can be done to address all that was lost requires experienced advice.

Commuters lament dangers they face from buses as officials promote safety record

People who use the city bus system say they are concerned about the possibility of being injured in a bus crash when they are waiting for buses or are near bus stops. One fatal pedestrian accident occurred after the victim was run over by the rear ties after exiting the bus. In another accident, a man was hit after leaving a bus stop.

The way bus stops are situated is troubling as they are extremely close to the streets and it takes one misstep or an unforeseen set of circumstances to lead to an accident. According to a spokesperson for Metro, there are statistically very few bus-pedestrian accidents with most trips ending safely.

When looking at the numbers, the rate of accidents and their severity remains worrisome. This past April, a man suffered injuries and falling in front of a bus when exiting it. In April of 2020, another man was trying to signal to a bus to stop when he fell under it and was killed. Accidents involving people waiting for a bus or departing a bus stop injured three people each year in 2019 and 2020. In 2021, five were hurt. Through July of 2022, there were seven such incidents.

Safety specialists who represent the transit operator’s union say that this is a complex challenge to address and drivers are trained to be cautious and adhere to all traffic laws. Bus accidents are problematic across the United States with 102 people losing their lives in 2021 alone.

Those impacted by a bus accident must remember their rights

Bus accidents can cause extensive damage with people being injured or killed. The physical, financial and personal aftermath can be rife with challenges. Medical costs, the inability to work and other issues are inevitable. The entire case must be investigated to determine why it happened and take the necessary steps to be adequately compensated. Calling for assistance is imperative and should be a priority after the accident.