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Your Child’s Injuries Matter – Our Tacoma Lawyers Can Help

We try to protect our children at all costs, and we trust that the equipment of public parks and school playgrounds are up to standard and safe for them to use. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Negligent supervision or poor playground design can result in catastrophic accidents that leave our children with lifelong debilitating conditions.

Our attorneys at Dubin Law Group in Tacoma will help you hold the liable party responsible. We have decades of experience representing Washington clients in personal injury cases. We know how to pursue compensation for the full extent of your child’s injuries.

From Faulty Parts To Poor Supervision, We Have You Covered

Determination of the liable party will hinge on the details of the accident. The blame may fall on the negligence of a property caretaker, for instance. Playground equipment should be inspected regularly for hazards, and updated to fit state and national standards. Uneven surfaces or loose parts may cause a child to trip and fall, resulting in broken bones or head trauma.

Also, a swing set may have faulty parts that can cause the equipment to break while a child uses it. In that case, a manufacturing defect may be to blame, and the manufacturing company will need to be questioned.

It is also possible that proper supervision could have prevented the accident. While Washington may have state immunity laws related to these matters, our Tacoma lawyers know how to navigate the laws, and make a strong case for you and your child.

Our Tacoma Legal Team Is Standing By

A child’s injuries may have permanent effects on their life. We can help you pursue compensation for medical expenses, therapy sessions and more. Reach us at 425-800-8000 for a free initial consultation or use our contact form. You pay no legal fees unless we recover compensation for your injuries.