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What To Do After An Auto Accident In Or Near Redmond, Washington

After a car, truck or motorcycle accident, some important steps to take to improve your chances of a good recovery include the following:

  • Move your car out of traffic as soon as possible, if applicable.
  • Call 911 or otherwise seek emergency assistance if anyone may be injured.
  • Prepare to exchange contact and insurance information with anyone else who was involved.
  • Take pictures or ask someone to help you get photos of your fresh injuries, your wrecked vehicle and the scene of the accident.
  • If your car is towed away, get information about where you can find it.
  • Do not discuss fault or other details about the accident with anyone other than a personal injury attorney.

For more personalized advice about what to do right after a traffic accident in or near Redmond, get in contact with one of our car accident lawyers. We are here to serve you after you have been injured and need an attorney’s guidance on how to pursue the compensation you need.

Money cannot undo your injuries, but it can help you pay for the therapy and rehabilitation you will need to get back on your feet.

How Our Redmond Location May Be Helpful In Your Car Accident Case

You may live or work in Redmond, your crash may have happened in the city or nearby, you may have gone to the emergency room at the Redmond Medical Center or you may have gotten our firm’s name as a referral. All of these are good reasons to contact us at our Redmond law office after being injured in or near our community.

We can visit you at your home or hospital if necessary, communicate by phone or via video conference or welcome you to our Redmond office in person.

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