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Pedestrians can face danger on Seattle’s roads

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Seattle’s roads are filled with a large amount of both vehicles and pedestrians which increases the chance of a serious or deadly accident between the two.

Statistics show that accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians are on the rise. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, more than 7,500 pedestrians were killed by drivers in the United States in 2022. This is the highest number in 40 years.

Common reasons for pedestrian accidents

Some reasons for the increase in pedestrian accidents include faulty infrastructure and an increase in sports utility vehicles on the roads, which are more likely to cause pedestrians serious injury.

Another reason involves the pandemic. The roads usually contained little to no traffic during the pandemic, leading to an increase in distracted driving and speeding.

Avoiding a pedestrian accident

If you use walking as your main form of transportation or simply enjoy walking through the city, here are some tips to help you stay safe as a pedestrian.

Make sure you are visible to drivers by wearing reflective clothing. Use a flashlight if you are walking at night. Walk on a path or sidewalk instead of the road. When you must walk on a road, walk on the shoulder facing traffic.

Cross streets only at designated crosswalks or intersections. While sometimes it might be more convenient to jaywalk, this increases your chance of being hit by a moving vehicle.

Pay attention

Always watch for vehicles coming toward you, even if you are legally crossing. Distracted, drunk or speeding drivers sometimes miss pedestrians in the crosswalks and drive on through.

Many pedestrians use earbuds or other electronic devices to listen to music or podcasts while walking, but these can be distracting. Avoid using them, if possible, especially if you are in an area with high traffic.

In an accident involving a vehicle and pedestrian, the pedestrian usually suffers the most serious injuries. The vehicle driver is often not hurt at all and sometimes could not even realize they hit someone. It is important to know your rights and options after an accident involving a negligent driver.