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News: High-speed police chase ends in fatal crash

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Accidents in the News, Fatal Crashes |

LAKE FOREST PARK, FL – A high-speed police chase of a shooting suspect ended in a fatal crash on 145th Street NE early Thursday morning.

According to KOMO News, local authorities received reports of multiple gun shots around 12:45 a.m. at a Lynnwood apartment complex and pursued the suspect who fled upon their arrival.

The chase went down 164th Avenue SW, onto Southbound I-5, and then exited at NE 145th Street. It was reported the suspect began driving down the wrong way on NE 145th Street, before crashing into multiple objects at 36th Avenue NE. One of the objects the car possibly crashed into was a power pole.

One person was found dead in the suspect’s car, and another is believed to have fled the scene. It is unclear if the deceased was the driver or passenger.

Local authorities found evidence that at least 40 shots were fired at the Lynnwood apartment complex. Investigations into the shooting and crash are ongoing.

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