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Speeding as the cause of a fatal automobile crash

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For some Seattle, Washington, drivers, going over the speed limit is the norm. He or she is in a rush, and going a few miles per hour over the speed limit does not seem like a big deal. Nonetheless, speeding is reckless, and when a driver is negligent and travels at speeds beyond the speed limit, a serious and even fatal collision could ensue.

A speeding-related accident involves a driver that was charged with a speeding offense, indicated as racing, traveling too fast for road conditions or exceeding the posted speed limit. Looking at data from 2016, 51,914 drivers were involved in 34,439 fatal accidents that resulted in 37,461 deaths. Of these crashes, 18 percent were speeding at the time of the crash, and 27 percent of those killed in fatal crashes involved a speeding vehicle.

Speeding may not seem like a major issue because most driver are under the impression that they can still safely handle and maneuver their vehicle safely at these speeds. However, speed limits on roads are set for a reason. Even more so, traveling at or near speed limit during inclement weather could be considered dangerous. Thus, one does not need to be speeding to be traveling too fast or driving reckless.

The loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is a difficult event to experience and work through. Many questions remain, and surviving family members are tasked with dealing with the losses and damages that resulted. In these matters, it is important to explore the legal recourses available.