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Intersection collisions and the usage of roundabouts

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Car Accidents |

With time comes advancements and new technology. These changes and improvements do not only impact what goods we buy but also what structures are designed and constructed. With regards to roadways, the focus is always on finding ways to decrease motor vehicle accidents. While these changes can show improvements statistically, changes could also be the cause of car accidents if the general public does not fully understand how to utilize these changes and follow the rules associated with them.

Because intersection crashes are severe accidents, Washington and other states across the nation have taken measures to make some of the most dangerous intersections safer. In doing so, roundabouts have been implemented. By taking away lights and signals, distracted drivers won’t travel through intersections when they do not have the right of way. Additionally roundabouts force drivers to slow down significantly and cause them to travel in a circular pattern, reducing the chances of right angle, left turn and head-on collisions.

In some instances, studies have shown that roundabouts have reduced intersection collisions by 75 percent. While this is good news, this does not mean that accidents have not occurred because drivers misuse or do not know how to properly travel through a roundabout. Failing to yield or travel at a safe speed could be the cause of a roundabout accident. Thus, when implementing this and other changes to the roadways, it is important to provide adequate information to motorists across the nation. This means implementing outreach programs that educate drivers.

Whether it is an intersection crash or a roundabout collision, those harmed in a car accident should understand their rights and recourses. The aftermath of a crash could leave a victim suffering from a multitude of injuries. This is likely to result in much needed medical treatment. A personal injury claim could help a victim hold a negligent driver accountable while also helping with the recovery of compensation for damages and losses.