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Are there time limits in wrongful death cases?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Tragic accidents happen all the time in Washington State. Some of these accidents can be quite serious and result in fatal injuries. When someone is killed in a fatal motor vehicle accident, the person’s family may not be prepared to deal with the legal consequences from the accident.

Following a sudden accident, families are likely in a state of disbelief, shock and grief. They are rightfully worried about emotionally responding to the accident. They may also be scrambling to address unexpected financial concerns.

However, people need to keep in mind their legal rights following a tragic car accident. If the accident occurred because of the negligence of another, the family may have the right to pursue a wrongful death suit.

However, time constraints may apply limiting a family’s ability to bring the suit. Depending on the facts in each case, the family may only have a matter of months to file suit. In fact, a statute of limitations applies that limits the family’s ability to file suit. Once the statute of limitations has run, the family will lose their right to sue the negligent party.

The statute of limitations can begin to run as soon as a person has passed away. However, the statute may run at a later time in certain situations. The specific amount of time a family has to take legal action varies from case to case.

It can be very difficult for families to deal with these legal technicalities following the death of a loved one. Therefore, families may need to consult with an attorney to further understand their legal rights. While this blog post can only provide general information, an attorney can give specific details about a wrongful death suit.