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Several multi-vehicle car accidents lead to injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Most people understand that operating a car requires significant effort on part of the driver. While the controls may be easy, people need to stay alert and focused on the road in order to avoid dangerous collisions. This is particularly true in difficult weather conditions and at night. If people are distracted –

even for a few moments – they cause serious accidents and life-threatening injuries.

When one or more negligent driver is on the road, the risk multiplies. In the blink of an eye, distracted drivers can cause massive accidents that effect their car and those around them.

In a recent case, a stretch of Washington road was nearly completely shut down after a series of chain-reaction accidents. In this case, police report that five multi-vehicle accidents occurred around the same time. Two of these accidents involved between five and seven cars each. However, the exact cause of the car accidents is unknown.

However, rescue workers did say that they had to remove at least one person from a car as a result of these accidents. While the person had non-life-threatening injuries, the person was still transported to a local hospital following the crash.

Serious injuries are common following car accidents. Victims may need immediate medical attention, or they may discover an injury several days or weeks after an accident. In either case, the expenses can add up for car accident victims.

Victims may feel like they have no choice but to accept an insurance company’s offer of payment following an accident so that they can pay these bills. However, car accident victims in Washington should know that they do have the right to bring suit against a negligent driver. With the right help, they can receive compensation to cover the expenses of the car accident.

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