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Alleged drunk driver kills one teen and injures two others

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in King must be vigilant at all times for a car accident. The cause of an accident can be a drunk driver, the weather or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time with. Any of these factors could lead to a car wreck and catastrophic injuries. Significant long-term damage can also happen, as well as loss of life.

One such accident occurred as an alleged drunk driver caused catastrophic injuries to 17-year-old twin sisters who were on the way to a Halloween event featuring a haunted house. The 53-year-old male driver veered over the center line and hit the twins who were riding in a vehicle with their 18-year-old friend when the car accident happened. One twin was killed while the other was flown to a hospital for emergency surgery. She remains in serious condition. The alleged drunk driver was given sobriety tests and was said to have shown all six signals for being intoxicated. He was arrested for suspicion of vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. The 18-year-old has no memory of the car accident.

When any kind of car accident happens, there is the possibility of injuries, death and medical costs. The insurance company will do whatever they can to convince the victims who suffered injuries or families of those killed to take a settlement as quickly as possible to get the whole episode behind them. That might sound like the easier thing to do, but it doesn’t account for the long-term ramifications of injuries from a car accident and how a car accident victim will have to deal with the aftermath.

The catastrophic injuries and death suffered in a car accident like this can be horrific. Families in these situations might be better served to speak to an attorney for advice before immediately accepting an insurance payout.

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