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Hit-and-run accidents can leave pedestrians disabled

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Too many pedestrian accidents in the Seattle area involve hit-and-run drivers.

After striking and injuring a pedestrian, a driver may give in to the temptation to take off. The driver may not want to get in trouble. Even if the pedestrian is badly hurt, the vehicle could very well be operable after the accident, which makes an escape relatively easy.

Drivers of this sort face the possibility of criminal charges under Washington law. However, a criminal prosecution does not guarantee that the victim of the accident will get full compensation. Unfortunately, police do not solve all hit-and-run cases.

Serious injuries

Given the difference in weight between an unprotected pedestrian and a motor vehicle, a pedestrian will almost always suffer significant injuries in a collision.

Frequently, these injuries are so bad that they permanently change the course of the victim’s life. For example, they may never be able to work in their trade or profession again. They may also require ongoing medical support.

Victims and their families may have to explore other options for recovery

It is always a victim’s hope that the police will find a negligent hit-and-run driver and the driver will have the means to pay compensation.

Should this hope go unfulfilled, victims may have other legal options for recovering compensation. Most people purchase underinsured motorist coverage from their own insurance companies. Washington residents also frequently buy personal injury protection coverage.

If a victim has these coverages, then they might be able to recover compensation for their losses from their own insurance company.

However, successfully pursuing a claim can be difficult. An insurance company might deny the claim or be unwilling to pay for what the victim needs.

An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney can help Seattle victims of hit-and-run accidents and other victims of uninsured motorists receive the compensation they deserve.