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People in bigger vehicles don’t often think about motorcycles

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There is a lot for people to worry about while driving, and people often have to prioritize what they focus most of their attention on. Generally, that prioritization process focuses on what the brain perceives as risky or threatening. 

As a motorcycle rider, you probably pay very close attention to people in larger vehicles and may have to adjust your driving to avoid getting hurt when they make maneuvers that could cut you off or hurt you. 

Unfortunately, those drivers likely don’t pay a similar level of attention to you, which might put you at risk for getting into a crash caused by someone in a much larger vehicle.

People who don’t think about motorcycles won’t notice them on the road

When you think about everything your brain has to process and categorize as you drive, it makes sense that the brain focuses on what it perceives as a potential risk. Someone in a large SUV may not really register the presence of a pedestrian nearby, but they may be acutely aware of a commercial truck two lanes over. 

Drivers who cause crashes with motorcycles frequently say that they simply didn’t see the motorcycle. In reality, they probably saw the motorcycle, but their brain didn’t register it as something noteworthy to pass along, which means that they didn’t notice it even though it was in their line of vision. 

If drivers in enclosed motor vehicles don’t make the conscious effort to think about and look for motorcycles, they could very well wind up causing a crash that leaves someone else severely hurt due to their negligence. If you’re involved in such a wreck or a loved one is injured or killed, find out what rights you have to seek compensation for your losses.