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Financial and health consequences of car accidents

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Just like motorists nationwide, those in Seattle likely risk their lives whenever they take to the roads. The most law-abiding, careful drivers could fall victim to others who are reckless or negligent. The consequences can cause ongoing financial and health problems. There is also the risk of hidden injuries that only become apparent after days or even weeks, and by then, the victims might not link them to the accident. This could limit their chances of recovering medical expenses if they decide to pursue financial relief through the Washington civil justice system.

Whiplash injuries can occur when the impact of a collision causes the head to move rapidly from side to side or back and forth. These injuries typically cause neck stiffness and pain with limited movement. While some such injuries heal over days or weeks, others may become worse over time. The rapid whiplash movement of the head can also cause the brain to crash into the hard inner portion of the skull, often resulting in a concussion.

Car accidents can lead to fractures to arms, hands, legs, and feet, or even more severe injuries such as spinal column fractures or even spinal cord damage. Along with physical injuries, car accident victims may suffer psychological trauma, especially if lives are lost. Emotional injuries often become apparent in the aftermath of wrecks, and they can affect car accident victims in various ways.

Declining a trip to the hospital after an auto crash is rarely a good idea. The sooner injuries are diagnosed, the sooner they can be treated. A physician can also prepare the crash victims for potentially hidden injuries and how to recognize them. When the negligence of other parties causes car accidents, injured victims might have grounds to file personal injury lawsuits. Having medical records to justify documented claims will be crucial. The navigation of a civil lawsuit in Seattle can be complicated, but the advocacy of an experienced attorney can increase the likelihood of a monetary judgment to cover damages.