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On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

We may be in the dog days of summer, but that doesn’t stop many bikers in Washington from hitting the road on their motorcycles. Whether it is a scenic drive or simply a means to get from point A to point B, motorists in Seattle need to make sure they are aware of motorcyclists in their vicinity. If they don’t and strike a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist could be seriously injured or even killed.

Motorcyclists are at a disadvantage when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Their smaller vehicles cannot stand up to the weight of a much larger automobile. In addition, motorcycles do not provide structural or safety features motorists have, such as seatbelts, air bags and crumple zones. Therefore, it is likely that a motorcyclist who is hit by an automobile will wind up much worse off than the motorist who struck the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle injuries can take a long time to heal from. Motorcyclists can suffer head injuries, road rash, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and more. These types of injuries can be expensive to treat and could mean that a motorcyclist must take a significant amount of time off work. Moreover, the motorcyclist could experience a great deal of pain and suffering.

It is important that motorcyclists who are involved in a collision with an automobile understand what potential options they have for compensation. At our law firm, we work with injured motorcyclists throughout the Puget Sound area. Whether the case is settled out of court or whether it goes to a trial, we work toward securing the compensation our clients deserve. The motorcycle accident section of our law firm’s website can provide readers with more information about how our law firm approaches motorcycle accident cases.