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Do hours of service requirements apply to bus drivers?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Bus Accidents |

Drivers of large commercial trucks that transport goods across Washington and through other states are bound to abide by certain safety protocols. One of those protocols involves limiting the number of hours these individuals can drive between breaks. These protocols, termed “hours of service” by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are utilized to prevent driver fatigue and accidents that can happen when drivers are too tired to drive safely.

Hours of service mandates also apply to some bus drivers and drivers of passenger-carrying commercial vehicles. Individuals who operate these vehicles must have special licenses and must follow other rules that apply to their profession. In terms of hours of service, the following requirements may apply to bus drivers.

A driver covered by the FMCSA rules cannot drive more than 10 hours after having eight hours off, and a driver in this classification can also not drive more than 70 hours in an eight day period. Other rules apply that can limit how long a bus driver may be behind the wheel of their vehicle, and readers who wish to better understand which bus drivers are covered by these rules are encouraged to discuss their questions with their bus accident attorneys.

Some bus drivers will be subject to hours of service requirements, just as some truck drivers are. Hours of service for drivers are recorded in logs, and these logs can be important evidence when tired or negligent bus drivers cause accidents. Accident victims should seek their own counsel to decide how to move forward with their cases.