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How frequently do fatal school bus accidents occur?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Bus Accidents |

While school is in session, parents in Washington and other states across the nation often send their child to and from school on a school bus. While these are convenient forms of transportation, they also have some risks and dangers like any form of transportation. Unlike passenger vehicles, school buses are not equipped with seatbelt. Thus, when a school bus gets into a collision, students are often thrown about the vehicle. This could result in serious or fatal injuries, especially if the bus was filled with student passengers at the time of the bus crash.

How frequently do fatal school bus accidents occur? Based on current statistics, it was found that during the 2017-2018 school year, six of the fatalities occurring that year were caused during loading and unloading of the bus. Of these, a vehicle passing a school bus caused three of these fatalities. In all of these incidents, the bus had its stop arm extended.

The remaining three involved a bus striking a student. One incident involved the bus striking the student with the front right wheel, and the other two were struck by the right rear dual wheels. This rate of this type of fatality is done from the previous school year, which saw 8 of these fatalities.

A school bus accident could be the result of the negligence of the bus driver or the negligence of another motorists traveling near the school bus. Thus, when one is injured is such a crash, it is important to consider all information and evidence when establishing cause and liability. A personal injury action or wrongful death claim could help those impacted by a school bus accident recover losses and damages suffered by the incident.