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Why do motorcycle crashes happen?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Warm weather or not, many motorcyclists in Seattle and other cities across the nation will still take to the road. While some diehard motorcyclists will rack up thousands of miles each year, it does not matter if a biker travels 20 or 20,000 miles a year, the risks and dangers are the same. What is even worse is that most crashes that involve motorcycles are not caused by the negligence of the motorcyclists.

When considering current statistics on motorcycle crashes, motorcycle accidents have experienced a rising trend. When looking at these statistics as a whole, the most concerning is that most of these collisions were not at-fault ones. This means that the motorcyclist, who is likely labeled as risky, did not cause the crash. In fact, most of those caused in 2015 were due to the negligence of other motorists.

So, what does this mean? It means that even though motorists view motorcyclists as reckless small vehicles that like to weave in-between cars and speed, they are not the likely cause of a motorcycle crash. It also means that motorists are not attentive to their situations, checking their blind spots and mirrors before making a maneuver. Additionally, motorists may be driving too close to these vehicles or not yielding to them.

The other unfortunate statistic found are those related to fatal crashes. Based on current data and facts, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in death when compared to other types of crashes. This is due to the small size of the vehicle and the lack of an exterior to protect the rider. Thus, bikers are frequently thrown off of their bike, resulting in serious and life-threatening injuries.

Being a victim of a motorcycle crash is not easy. The injuries are likely severe and one may fear ever riding their motorcycle following a serious crash. Additionally, financial damages could result when a victim is unable to work while they recover. Thus, a personal injury action could be very helpful, holding a negligent driver liable and recovering compensation.

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