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Serious injuries can result for those in WA motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There are so many benefits that motorcyclists reap when they get out on their bikes. There is the pure enjoyment of riding a motorcycle, the wind in your face and the freedom of the open road. There is also the practical side of riding a motorcycle, with the savings on fuel and the benefits for the environment. With all the upsides to riding a motorcycle instead of other types of transportation, it’s easy to see why many people choose these vehicles as their modes of transportation.

However, motorcyclists are at a disadvantage in comparison to other types of vehicles on Seattle roads. The sheer size and weight of cars and commercial vehicles can easily spell trouble for a Seattle motorcyclist. It isn’t unusual for other vehicles to miss seeing a motorcyclist, and for a driver to strike him or her while turning left, changing lanes or pulling into an intersection. These accidents can leave a motorcyclist with serious injuries that can affect the rest of his or her life.

Other types of accidents involving negligent drivers can happen when such drivers are distracted, for instance, talking on their cell phones. This is not acceptable behavior for the exact reason that innocent drivers, like motorcyclists, can bear the brunt of this behavior and suffer serious injuries and medical expenses. Also, in an effort to avoid motor vehicles that enter the path of the motorcyclist, oftentimes motorcyclists will swerve into a ditch or onto the shoulder to avoid a collision. At the Law Offices of Matthew D.Dubin, we take these instances of motorcycle accidents seriously.

We have experience fighting for the rights of motorcyclists and their families to collect for the damage suffered in a motorcycle accident. Personal injury suits can help to rectify the injuries or losses one has suffered after a motorcycle accident. Lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering are all potentially compensable damages after suffering an injury. This will not turn back the hands of time, but it can make a huge difference for families suffering after a motorcycle accident injury turns their lives upside-down.