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Every day I get phone calls from people who have been injured in some kind of accident. Often the first question they have for me is how much it will cost to meet with me to discuss their case. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me; most people don’t really pay attention to personal injury lawyers until they need one. The answer is simple:

There is never a charge to meet with me to discuss your case.

If I agree to meet with you, it is because I believe your case might be worth pursuing. When we meet, we will discuss your particular circumstances, including how you were injured, what kind of medical treatment you have had, or will need in the future, and what is primarily concerning you. I will explain what a lawyer does, and specifically how my office handles claims like yours and I will answer any questions you have.

At the end of our meeting, you might decide to hire me to be your lawyer. You might decide you don’t want me to be your lawyer. You might feel like you need more time to make a decision. Whatever you decide, there’s no fee for meeting with me, and there is no commitment.

If you decide to hire me, we will fill out some paperwork, and my only fee will be a percentage of what I recover for you.

If you decide not to hire me, I will wish you the best, and invite you to call me later if you should change your mind.

Either way, the concern about cost or commitment should never prevent you from discussing your options with a qualified attorney. The insurance companies are looking to pay you as little as possible. You should make sure you at least explore the possibility of having someone on your side.