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Seattle driver crashes into crowd of pedestrians in Fremont

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2011 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

A car accident can take place just about any time in Seattle, but bar closing time is an especially vulnerable window. Even so, pedestrians walking out of a bar together are hardly expecting to be hit by a car while they are minding their own business. However, for a crowd of about 30 people early in the morning of Dec. 10, that is exactly what happened. A man drove a Subaru Forester directly into the crowd in Fremont, striking at least six people and causing serious injuries to at least two of them.

It is not exactly clear why the man did what he did, though police said alcohol may have been a factor. Nevertheless, the seemingly reckless actions of this man left one person in critical condition at the hospital after the collision. Another was listed in serious condition at the same Seattle hospital. Two more were listed in stable condition, and the sixth victim suffered seemingly minor injuries and refused further assistance. The driver was also said to suffer minor injuries.

The driver tried to flee the scene after the car accident, but he was restrained by people in the crowd. Police arrested him on suspicion of vehicular assault, and their investigation was continuing. Other than noting the driver was booked into the King County jail, no further word on his charges or court date was immediately available.

Each pedestrian involved in this accident will likely want to know how this accident happened, and how to hold this driver accountable. In addition to the criminal charges that will likely be filed, the driver also may face personal injury suits from the victims of this accident. Because the driver’s actions were seemingly so reckless, and he may have been drinking and driving, the victims may be able to recover compensation for their medical treatment as well as punitive damages from the driver.

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