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Pedestrian seriously injured in car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2013 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

There are many different ways to get around town in Seattle. One common way is to walk. Walking allows an individual to get exercise, save on gas and to get to and from wherever the individual is going efficiently.

But walking can unfortunately lead to deadly accidents. A pedestrian has no safety protections, so an auto-pedestrian accident can have deadly consequences.

An accident on October 20 left a man in the hospital facing life threatening conditions. The accident was between a pedestrian and a car.

The driver was driving southbound and the accident occurred around three in the morning. A pedestrian was reportedly trying to cross the street against a red light. Unfortunately, he walked into the path of the driver’s car. The pedestrian hit the hood and the windshield before he was sent into the pavement.

The pedestrian was taken to a nearby hospital after the accident. The police are still investigating the accident, but they have ruled out alcohol as a factor.

If an accident injures a pedestrian, the individual may be entitled to compensation for the accident. Oftentimes auto-pedestrian accidents are due to an inattentive driver. The compensation can cover current and future medical bills. It can also include lost wages, lost quality of life and damages for pain and suffering.

In Washington, one in every eight traffic deaths is based on a car and pedestrian accident. Even if the accident is not fatal, many accidents leave the pedestrian with serious and oftentimes permanent injuries that require long-term care.

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