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Washington woman hit and killed by car

In the winter months as the days become shorter, people are forced to spend more time outside when it is dark. For many people, the commute to and from work may be without much sunlight. For pedestrians, a few hours without daylight can be dangerous. Even in a large city like Seattle, where street lights and store fronts provide some light, it can still be hard for motorists to see pedestrians in the evening and early morning hours. Sometimes, that causes deadly consequences.

2 injured after Community Transit bus crashes near Seattle

In a large city like Seattle, mass transit is essential in helping to move people from one place to another. Each day, large numbers of people rely on mass transit to get to work, school and recreational activities and back home again. While mass transit tends to be cheaper than private transportation, that shouldn't mean that it is less safe. In fact, mass transit drivers should ensure that people are safe while riding in the city.

Fatal car accident leads to four years in prison for driver

Seattle residents need to drive with care. This includes paying attention to those around them while driving and obeying all traffic rules. By doing this people are not only keeping themselves safe, but they are helping to prevent dangerous car accidents.

Alleged drunk driver kills one teen and injures two others

Drivers in King must be vigilant at all times for a car accident. The cause of an accident can be a drunk driver, the weather or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time with. Any of these factors could lead to a car wreck and catastrophic injuries. Significant long-term damage can also happen, as well as loss of life.

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