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Get the rental car coverage

rentalcar.pngWhat do you do when your car has been damaged in an accident and you need to get around. Whether your car is a total loss or whether it can be repaired, you still need some alternative method of transportation while you are without a vehicle. If the wreck was caused by the other driver, they are responsible to provide you a rental car while your car is in the shop or until your total loss claim is resolved, but what if they don't have insurance? Even if they do have insurance, their insurance company may choose to engage in a lengthy investigation on liability, delaying any payments. But you need a car now. What can you do?

Reckless driver sends deputy to hospital after car crash

A car accident can happen to anyone in Washington State and come without warning. No one is immune to the injuries and fatalities that can result from a car crash. Even those whose job it is to investigate and help people who have been in an auto accident can be in a crash themselves, suffering the aftereffects. A crash can have wide-ranging ramifications and those who have been affected need to know their legal rights even if their loved ones were a first-responders.

This reality came to pass in the state recently at around 3:30 p.m. when a head-on crash injured a 34-year-old sheriff's deputy as he sat in his squad car. A pickup truck was turning a corner and passing a van when it went into the lanes of the road heading in the opposite direction and hit the deputy's vehicle. The truck went over the hood. According to the driver of the pickup, he tried to pass the van because it had stopped in front of him. Law enforcement cited the man operating the pickup for being a reckless driver. The van was cited for failing to yield. The deputy was trapped inside his squad car and needed to be extricated after the roof was removed. As he was transported to the hospital, the deputy had his neck immobilized. He had severe injuries, but was reported to be aware of his surroundings and responding when spoken to.

Fatal car accidents could be due to negligence

It is terrifying that some of the most unthinkable situations, like losing a loved one, could become the reality. Too many Atlanta residents have lost people they loved unexpectedly. Some of these unexpected deaths might be attributed to another party's negligence. Negligence is a general legal term used in situations where a person or party failed to exercise a standard level of care.

The negligent behavior of motor vehicle drivers can too often result in fatal car accidents. Some behaviors that drivers may exhibit just prior to, or at the time of a fatal accident include distracted driving behaviors, intoxicated driving and reckless driving, to name a few. All motorists owe themselves, and other motorists on the road, a certain standard of care. When this care is not exercised and it results in a loved one's unexpected death, it could very well be a case of wrongful death.

Snowy roads are no excuse for negligence

snow.jpgWell, its snowing again in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Many northwest drivers don't have much opportunity to drive in the snow, and may be unprepared to do so. Making matters worse, our cities and towns are poorly equipped to handle any accumulation of snow and ice on the roadways. The result can be a mess of slippery, snowy roads and lots of disabled vehicles and wrecks.

Matt Dubin Honored as a Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyer (again)!

top100_2017_thumb.pngWe are proud to announce that our founder and principal attorney Matthew Dubin has been named a Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyer by the American Society of Legal Advocates for the fifth straight year.

WA motorcyclist clings to car after collision with motor vehicle

A Washington motorcyclist made national news after a terrifying run-in with an alleged intoxicated driver last week. Even more astounding, the incident was caught on tape and the motorcyclist escaped with his life, suffering only minor injuries. It isn't unusual for a crash of that magnitude to render an innocent motorcyclist seriously injured. The accident is currently under investigation by Washington State patrol.

Many motorcyclists have opted to wear cameras while on their bikes. Whether wearing the cameras for fun, or as a way to document dangerous drivers or negligent behaviors, cameras are a fairly inexpensive and easy way to record what happens on your bike. The footage the victim captured in this instance shows the motorcyclist being thrown from the bike after hitting the rear of the other vehicle, and landing on the back of the car. Instead of slowing down, incredibly, the driver of the vehicle speeds up while the motorcyclist hangs onto the back of the vehicle for dear life. The motorcyclist in this case claims the car had no brake lights.

Hit by an uninsured driver - What can I do?

uninsured-driver-770x389.jpgEarlier this week I posted about being hit by a Canadian driver on Washington roads. While being hit by a foreign national can be inconvenient, at least you can be pretty certain that a Canadian driver has auto insurance, and probably pretty good coverage too. Sadly, the same can't be said for U.S. drivers. Although Washington law requires that all drivers carry at least $25,000 in liability insurance, nearly twenty percent of Washington drivers have no insurance at all. So if you get injured in a crash caused by an uninsured driver in Washington, what can you do?

Hit by a Canadian driver in Washington - Who can help?

Border.jpgAs a border state, Washington has a high level of interaction with British Columbia, Canada. Canadian trucking companies routinely travel on Washington highways, and Canadian drivers come to Washington for recreation and business. But Canadian laws regarding liability and car insurance are very different than Washington laws. What happens when you are hit by a Canadian driver here in Washington? And what happens if you are a visiting Canadian hit by a Washington driver? Who can help you?

The Ridesharing Lifestyle - Part 2 - Insurance Coverage

ridesharing.jpgAs I discussed in my previous entry, I have given up my car and have been commuting using rideshare services like Uber and Lyft and car sharing services like Car2Go and ReachNow. Overall I have found the experience to be liberating and relaxing. As an added benefit, I'm saving money and helping the environment. But what about insurance coverage? As a personal injury lawyer, I am acutely aware of the need for adequate coverage whenever you are in a motor vehicle. What are the issues you need to know about when using rideshare and car sharing services?

The Ridesharing Lifestyle - Part 1 - Why do it?

Ride_Sharing_Big.jpgLast week the three year lease on our family SUV ended. We spent a few months shopping for a replacement vehicle, but ultimately my family decided to return the SUV and replace it with nothing. There were many reasons for this decision.

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