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2 injured after Community Transit bus crashes near Seattle

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2013 | Bus Accidents |

In a large city like Seattle, mass transit is essential in helping to move people from one place to another. Each day, large numbers of people rely on mass transit to get to work, school and recreational activities and back home again. While mass transit tends to be cheaper than private transportation, that shouldn’t mean that it is less safe. In fact, mass transit drivers should ensure that people are safe while riding in the city.

Recently, two people were injured while riding a Community Transit bus. The bus had around 75 people on it as it traveled from Lake Stevens into Seattle at around 6:30 a.m. While on I-5 in the carpool lane, a sports utility vehicle changed lanes and was hit by the bus. As a result, the passengers were injured. Following this bus accident, they were taken to area hospitals. At this time, their status is unknown. According to reports, a third car was also involved in the accident, but that car fled the scene.

This mass transit accident is still under investigation. For the injured passengers, their journey to recovery maybe just beginning. Those injured in bus crashes, like this one, have the potential for very serious injuries. These injuries can leave people recovering in the hospital for days or weeks. People may require significant time away from work as they recover. In some cases, people may require extensive rehabilitation in order to lead a normal life.

In these cases, bus accident victims may want to seek financial recovery. Through a personal injury suit, these victims can recover expenses including lost wages, medical costs and rehabilitative costs following an accident. These suits seek to hold negligent parties responsible for the damage.

In the case of bus accidents, the negligent party could be the bus driver, the bus company, another driver on the road or the mass transit system as a whole. Bus accident victims should understand their legal rights and all potentially negligent parties following an accident.

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