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You’ve Completed Your Treatment – What Next?

You’ve completed your accident related treatment and are ready to move on to the next phase of your case. Please watch the video below to learn more about the next steps. As always, feel free to reach out to your attorney or case manager with any questions or concerns you have about your case.

Hello again. I’m Matt Dubin, Founding Attorney of the Dubin Law Group, and I want to congratulate you on completing your accident-related treatment, and being ready to move on to the next phase of your case.

So, here’s what happens now. Our office will gather all of the documentation relevant to your claim. That could include medical records and bills, police reports, photos, witness statements, wage loss documentation, anything that we think could help you get a fair recovery from the insurance company. Once we get that information, we’ll put it together in the form of a comprehensive demand package to be sent to the insurance company.

Now, this process can take some time, and you might get concerned or frustrated, but don’t worry. We’re totally on top of it, and we’ll communicate with you every step of the way. But if you do have any specific questions or concerns, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your case manager or your attorney, and we’ll let you know exactly what’s happening.

In the end, this package will give us the best chance to get you a great recovery on your claim.

Again, congratulations on reaching this important milestone in your case, and we’re all looking forward to continuing to provide you with the highest level of representation.