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Why you need a dashcam

Hi I’m Seattle personal injury attorney at juban today I want to talk to you about why you need to get a dash cam so if you don’t know what a dash cam is it’s basically a camera that you mount on the windshield of your car I’ve got one right here this is the car camcorder pro black box this was a gift for Christmas that somebody sent me and I thought oh cool a dash cam and as you can see it’s still sitting here on my desk shortly after I got this though I experienced a road rage incident where I was merging into a lane another car was merging in at the same time and it looked like he was going to hit me so I laid on my horn and he didn’t like that he flipped me off and I flicked my brights at him and a moment later he slammed on his brakes and he came to a full stop a full stop now we’re on the freeway the traffic was going 25 or 30 miles an hour and this guy slammed on his brakes and came to a full stop fortunately I was paying attention I was able to stop and avoid the collision and when i checked my rearview mirror the car behind me had also been able to stop but with just inches to spare I mean he was right up against my back bumper and so I was upset I actually called 911 and reported that this guy was driving erratically and demonstrating signs of road rage that he was a hazard on the road but I realized after I got home that if I had hit him he could have made a claim against me and he probably would have won I would have been the one hitting him from behind unless any witnesses stopped and explain what happened there was no evidence to show that he was actually the one who caused this incident and I immediately are thinking about this dash cam that somebody had sent me that if I had that dash cam mounted on my windshield that would be conclusive proof that this guy caused the collision by slamming on his brakes in the middle of the freeway for no reason there was no emergency there was no car behind him it was just because he was angry he was clearly trying to cause me harm by slamming on his brakes that way but again without the camera he has a claim against me whether he got hurt or not and that’s a situation I don’t want to have to be in now as a personal injury lawyer I see cases of disputed liability all the time cases intersection cases where there’s a dispute over who had the green light or if it’s an unrestricted intersection and unregulated intersection dispute over who was in the intersection first who had the right-of-way if there’s a dash cam on the car and there never is I mean probably less than 1 percent of my cases we have any kind of video footage at all but if there’s a dash cam on the car you’ve got conclusive proof about exactly how that accident happened one of the things we run into a lot is a car making a left turn across my clients path or even making an illegal u-turn and my client hits them now we can usually prove those cases without video because it’s illegal to make a left turn across oncoming traffic unless it’s safe to do that but with video it’s conclusive and I am now convinced more than ever that every driver on the road should have a dashcam mounted on their car you know in fact i think the car manufacturer should should make that an option to have an integrated dashcam maybe even front and back where you slap an SD card in there and it will just continuously record when the card is full it’ll start over and erase what you’ve got but if there is any kind of incident if there’s an accident or something you’ve got that footage and that that video I mean if a picture is worth a thousand words of video is worth a million words and if you’ve got video of the accident there’s no dispute it’s over then you’re only arguing about what are the damages you know what should you be compensated for for your medical bills for the damage to your car for your pain and suffering it makes my job as the attorney so much easier and one of the things we often do when somebody comes to us and they’ve been in a collision and we think there might be some dispute is we go to all the neighboring businesses and we contact the city and see if there are any cameras in the vicinity that might have caught the footage because again if there’s a disputed liability and there’s no better way to prove whose fault it was then video and again most of the time we’re never able to find any video and you know it just it just makes it that much harder to prove the case so I’m going to take this dash cam this this black box car camcorder pro which was a gift and I’m going to get that mounted in my car today and you know you can get a dash cam for as little as 30 bucks and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get a dash cam get it mounted in your car if you can find one that shoots front and back get one of those because the more video you have in the remote chance that you you are involved in a motor vehicle accident that video could be the difference between you getting a good recovery for your injuries and your property damage or possibly not getting any recovery at all so that’s it for today this is my first periscope broadcast and I hope to do a series of these on different topics regarding auto insurance coverage and the injury claims process dealing with insurance companies but I would love to answer any questions that people have about personal injury claims about going to court about settling your case dealing with your insurance anything related to motor vehicle claims or personal injury so subscribe to my channel and follow my videos and let me know if you’ve got any questions on twitter or you can follow me on facebook at Dubin Law Group and again the twitter handle is Dubin Law Group and I would love to address any questions that you have and see if we can make this a valuable thing for everybody involved again my name is Matt Dubin Law Offices of Matthew D Dubin our website is Dubin Law Group com my phone number is 20 6 7 2015 01 if you’ve got a personal injury claim or you know someone who does or even if you have any questions about personal injury reach out to us we’d love to hear from you thanks a lot bite.