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They Were Always In Contact With Me

Esther Karwal:

Esther was riding her bicycle in a car-bike shared lane in Seattle when an oncoming car attempted to make a left turn across her path, causing a collision. As a result of the collision, Esther suffered injuries to her face, mouth, back, neck and shoulders. She fractured her two teeth, which were repaired surgically.

The driver’s insurance was Allstate, which always puts up a fight, but we were able to demonstrate that the collision was 100% the driver’s fault, and that all of the treatment was a direct result of this incident. After seeing that we were prepared to present Esther’s case to a jury, Allstate made a fair settlement offer and we were able to settle.

Thanks to our quick intervention, we were able to make sure Esther got all of the medical treatment she needed, and that she got a good recovery for her injuries.

Esther Karwal
Esther Karwal

“Matthew Dubin and Becca La Liberte helped settle my case in an efficient and timely manner. They were always in contact with me throughout the entire duration, filling me in on what was going on. They have a great staff who are always willing to answer questions and do what they can to help. I don’t believe that my settlement would be where it is now without them!” – Esther Karwal