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Compassionate, Timely Legal Guidance For Families After Fatal Accidents

The death of a loved one is challenging for a family even when it is expected. An accidental loss of a loved one is even more of a shock and typically results in unexpected expenses and practical needs. At the same time, loved ones naturally need time to grieve. It may seem natural to postpone the idea of getting legal advice after an accidental death – but for your sake, we hope you will get a lawyer’s early opinion about a potential wrongful death case.

You may be engrossed in planning a funeral and burial. Meanwhile, numerous legal and financial matters must be addressed, such as opening the estate. Our law firm can be a source of support for you during this difficult time. Since 1998, the attorneys at our firm have provided information and counsel to survivors of fatality cases. We are here to lighten your load. Initial consultations carry no obligation. We represent eligible family members on a contingency basis. The opening of our Tacoma location in 2019 has allowed us to better serve the entire Seattle metro area.

About Wrongful Death In Washington

The first question regarding a potential wrongful death case is who is eligible to file a claim. A spouse and minor children are obvious answers. What about parents after the death of an adult child? Fortunately, Washington now allows older parents to bring wrongful death claims. Otherwise, siblings may pursue the case in some circumstances.

The next question is who will be responsible to provide financial relief to the survivors. You may be eligible for compensation for:

  • Lost future earnings of the deceased
  • Loss of consortium if the person who died was your spouse
  • Loss of companionship and other contributions to family life
  • Medical bills, funeral and burial expenses
  • The pain and suffering that your loved one experienced before dying

A thorough investigation can reveal who caused the accident and potential sources of relief. As an experienced trial lawyer, Matt Dubin has been helping families determine liability and pursue recovery for more than 20 years. Our entire team of attorneys, staff and experts in Tacoma and Seattle can begin an investigation right away even while your family mourns.

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