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Helping Injured Construction Workers Recover Compensation

The Puget Sound Business Journal recently reported that, “Members of Gen Z are increasingly looking to rent in Tacoma and other small cities.” As residential construction activity in Tacoma responds to the demand, construction injuries will be an ongoing risk. Other construction trends in the area include improvements to Interstate 5 and various county roads. These job sites also pose risks of injuries to contractors working with road graders and other heavy machinery.

Whatever type of construction you or your family member was engaged in when an accidental injury occurred, we invite you to consider Dubin Law Group your source of help and advocacy. Since 1998, Tacoma and Seattle area residents have turned to our firm for information on maximizing and expediting the recovery of compensation after construction accidents.

About Legal Issues Of Construction Accidents

Common construction accidents include falls, electric shocks, entrapment situations and blows from falling objects. Causes may include both the hazards of construction sites and the human errors that occur under the pressure of deadlines. Whatever triggered your construction accident, you now need resources to pay for:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Surgery, hospitalization and other ongoing evaluation and care
  • Therapies and other rehabilitation services
  • Personal care after a catastrophic injury
  • Replacement of lost income

Your first instincts about finances may include thoughts of workers’ compensation and/or private insurance. These resources may help but they are unlikely to be sufficient. It is important to work with an attorney to pursue all avenues of recovery – possibly including compensation from a negligent third party such as a tool manufacturer or equipment maintenance service company. Our attorneys can help you discover paths to recovery.

Construction Workers In Or Near Tacoma: Our Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here For You

As attorneys who are proud to work in this city, we are committed to helping our neighbors. We understand the community pride of local residents and workers. No wonder Tacoma is a popular city for young people to settle in. Many are looking for less hustle and bustle and a more sensible cost of living than what Seattle has to offer. Others are here to be near Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Whether you are an injured construction worker residing in, working in or recuperating in Tacoma, we can help you get your injury claim investigation underway.

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