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Seattle Personal Injury Lawyers – Soft Tissue Injuries

The most common injuries I see in my clients are soft tissue or whiplash injuries the soft tissues in the body include the muscles tendons and ligaments and when the body is thrown around in an auto accident those soft tissues can be stretched or torn in an auto accident the occupants body is thrown around in ways it wasn’t designed to go sometimes very violently it’s very common for soft tissue injuries to be unnoticed for days sometimes even weeks it’s generally advisable anytime you’ve been involved in an auto accident to go to the emergency room or to your doctor and get checked out I see my job as giving my clients the information and the tools they need to get the best possible outcome for them through the legal system dealing with a personal injury is bad enough but when you have to deal with the insurance company – the stress and the inconvenience of that can become too much my job is to do all the worrying for my client so they can focus on getting better and getting back to their everyday life.